Brandon and I need a team

To whom it may concern,

As Team Roids will not be participating in the cup, Brandon and I need a team to frag with.

We provide top tier fragging, communication, lifting tips, and shit talking.

The last European cup we participated in resulted in a lopsided victory for us as shown in the link below.

I play only top tier damage positions and Brandon can play whatever.

Please see the picture below of brandon after following my extreme fragging program.

PM me here or steam.

PS -Please don't be weird or strange.

Kind regards,

The End
nice gains
Yeah Brandon did really well following my routine he pulled 700lbs
u must be on roids m8
Haha that journal is almost 4 years old, thank you for refreshing my memory. I hope you guys will be able to find a team. Good players.
And you better edit the roids lu as I played in this match, thanks
im dead at how your prediction was actually correct

bobika gather the squad
hello frEND
> and shit talking

Can confirm, BN is good at that
anim used to be fat no? very nice transfer to a monster :)
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