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Here we are, in year 2019 and ET is still going strong thanks to every single one of you guys and girls, a lot of players have been asking in general why dont we make some kind of update on what is going on with ET, so that everyone who would return to ET or is new to ETPro scene would know what's the current situation, so lets get down to details and stuffs that have been happening since beginning of this year.

We will begin first with general communication for every player, those who are active know that IRC is long dead and no real activity is there, so we had to find alternative and we found it in Discord program, which is definitely the main place to gather now for those who wish to play or just want to meet some old faces again.

Today we reached 400th member to join our ranks on discord and more are joining each day, so tell your friends who would be interested in playing again to join us, where you will be able to play daily scrims, from 3on3 to 6on6, we are using similiar gather BOT that was once used on IRC ET.Gather channel, so a lot of great games are guaranteed for you. We already had 37 6on6 games happening via our gather system and additionally a lot more which were done along side it just from beginning of the year.

General informations on activity of ET

So down to details:
  • Main teamspeak that majority of community is using currently is hyperion-gaming.Net:9991 , additionally u can join as well
  • One day cup 6on6 was just finished today where we had in total 11 teams, news can be found here and some of the highlighted games can be viewed on GamesTV.
  • ETernity cup had its groups published for both 3on3 and 6on6, news can be found here
  • If u haven't yet, fill out this survey on future plans of ET, which can be found here
  • Next we have the most important event that will happen, ET LAN, preparations are still in plan for it, but dates were already confirmed between 17-19th of May, more can be read here and here
  • Guys from ET:Legacy are working hard to provide us with better future more about that can be read here

To summarize everything, ET is pretty active in this year and we intend to future work on making it even more, but for that we need your help, share this topic and more importantly our discord to your friends, different communities you think would be interested in trying out ETPro, so we keep this old game alive a little bit longer, for one last united revive!
Nice read. I should be more active in the upcoming weeks. Let's MAKE ET GREAT AGAIN #MEGA
I'm not sure why I am browsing this website while being abroad just before bed time right now, but it definitely shows the love for the game. ET and the players will forever be in my heart. Very nice post Aniky
very nice content mate!
Well written keep it up! :)
Played 2 etpro matches on that discord and its a nice range of players there. From shit players like me to act over nerds that are good luke wut to even some legendary players like tiggerii. Well worth coming by for a game.
+1 its fun
Looking forward to another match with tiigeri, provided that he is in the same team as me
and can we please all agree on playing on these publics: - Jessy's Nightclub - Hirnlos 8 map

this HBC shit is not playable at all
true but it's jessy's nightclub and she can call her shows whatever she likes
Send bobs and vagene
cant play on hirnlos
very important updated references
need a team ! :D
Looks stronk
Is it worth of returning??
Just had amazing lan weekend
That's something only you decide
oh damn :)
bloody nerds
I’m still med- on the shite player spectrum
Return of the bimbot
so is et dead or not?!
So how's going ET since years ?! Need to get back in business ?
dont think so :XD
How to play ET in 2020?
i dno, it only says ET for 2019 :s
Still alive guys?
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