The legend himself returns!

To show you that all this activity isn't nothing but empty words, we have prepared for all of you nerds and non nerds some great showmatch today where you can spectate once again the legend himself, none other than BelgiummAus who is going to try and show us that he can still dominate ( or get rekt ) by our ET nerds who will challenge him and his warriors fearlessly.

Date: 22th of January ( Today duh! )
Time: 20:00 CET GMT+1
Format: 6 versus 6

image: game60065

Game will be broadcasted on GamesTV so everyone can get a piece of masterpiece to witness!

If you want to follow BelgiummAus himself, he will be streaming on twitch as well, which can be found here

Tune in and have fun spectating!

One more game to spec, for a good evening!

image: game60066
sicko mode
Real legend aint playin..
sup with the title? can't see myself in any lineups
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