Tonight, I wrote e-History

Dear friends from Crossfire website,

it's with my hands still shaking and while being very exhausted mentally that I'm writing this journal. After watching the belgian superstar BelgiummAus streaming for a couple of hours, I thought that it was my time to shine. You certainly know that - professional esports cklub since 2008 have been very famous on ET but during all these years I've been hiding something to you. I've been practicing very hard. Day and night. Sometimes for 24 hours straight but tonight I finally made it. I made what my computer friends Germanynicon and United KingdomniSmO failed to achieve. That's right...

image: TT1

I reached over the very symbolic score of 9000 at trivia. There's no thing such as "small games". When you're a true gamer, every game counts. I can now feel what the legendary Francemxture felt after being the 1vs1 world champion on Valhalla. This moment of pure joy and relief still remains in my body.

If you don't want to miss my next world record and you wanna try yourself to make it into e-History books, feel free to join:

image: 78a48cbb3edd99cd13c8ce19ac9aacdc

Professionaly yours,
MarseilleLeFrancis - New Trivia world recordman and CEO at
Finally someone could reach in a domain, a skill close of my godness 1on1 power !

I'm glad to finally sit on my God of Duel thrown and see someone being worthy to enter in my Nordic Paradise.

Congratulation LeFrancis, new God of Triviabot, and partner of Heaven


Ps : Valhalla AND Huntplace !
-1/10 for good effort
bring croissants to lan or ill force feed you BEURRE
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