Playable Movie CFG (high graphics)

Does anyone here have some decent fragmovie config that he/she is willing to share?
Or does anyone know what settings to pick for some high quality graphics?

Also: I guess some fragmovie makers are using sharpening filter & color grades. Did anyone try it yet in OBS with some sort of filters?

edit: it's to make the stream look better for people who don't know ET. First impression is everything so!

Thanks! Have a nice day!
for stream?
dont use r_picmip 0, it wastes all bitrate for compressing detailed textures
yeah, so you advice not to use a low picmip for streaming? It could be the stream bitrate fucking the textures up?
I advice to try different values of max bitrate, resolution downscale, fps, encoding preset in OBS and different picmip values, record it in OBS and watch it back. Thats what I do, because I dont know much about video encoding.

if viewers can change quality of stream on twitch, maybe you dont have to worry about having too much of bitrate, but Im not expert on this. Try to ask merlinator?

I personally prefer higher fps, low detail, bright cfg, but i do know ET
i really like the filters idea
Kijk naar agon’s movie configs, maybe kan je daar nog wat mee
I think the main word here is "playable". I use .pk3 files to enhance textures, obviously not playable with (some of which are done by ag0n I think). But here is a link to my latest simple movie cfg in case it could help, I also put ag0n's movie r_settings in case: Never had to worry about which cvars are permitted or not though. And these were never tried on a stream.
Thx! Link dead already used it from our old cf chats^^
Quote First impression is everything so!

yep, i even asked ur chat if there was problem or it was my twitch but aparently u just played with ugly very dark config
encoding profile in obs/advanced, default should be verry low or something? try going one higher each time. so from very low-> low or smthn will improve the quality, but load/stress ur system shitloads ^^
When I opened up your stream I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was playing ET.

image: MV5BNjA0MTU2NDY3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDU4ODkzMzE@._V1_
Does someone have picture of ferus coz he also looks like
I can give you my lagscripts but I want the sexy Wolfenstein: ET font that you used for your twitch logo! :-)
Just pay a dude 50% of your dono's/subsciption money to spec you at all times with a full on movie config. ez. Or a bot, I'm sure there is a techsavy person still around who could make you a bot that specs you constantly on a 2nd instance of ET.
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