mAlibu 3on3 ET LAN TEAM

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Netherlands mAlibu

Ladies and Gentlemans, I'm happy to finally announce the Netherlands mAlibu 3on3 LAN Team.

This young soldier took 2nd place in the CCA 2015 Awards for most improved player, he played in some pretty decent teams over the years, and people also called him the B2K LAN Destroyer. Let me introduce you to:
Netherlands KAPOT

This man won alot of cups online and has alot of lan experience, WON back to back 3on3 LANs, A Dutch Legend, one of the greatest from ET. Let me introduce you to: Netherlands iNsAne

The last beautiful man but definitely not the least. He has alot of Talent, and some LAN experience. In my eyes one of the most underrated players. Please Let me introduce you to the last player of our line-up: Netherlands mENACE

Quote Netherlands kApot: Gewoon slopen, niets meer niets minder.

Quote Netherlands iNsAne: We gaan losmaken. Niffooo

Quote Netherlands mENACE: Wij gaan stuhk mahken lan

We can't wait to see you guys on the battlefield!

Kind Regards!
Netherlands mAlibu eSports
Intro stronger than my rifle
Love your journals. Good luck boys! All the best x
GL Boys!
I wish you the best of luck Leroy and co
awesome intro. gl bois =)
Not scared.
Awesome upload, but ???
just listen to the line at the timepoint i linked you ;)
I am ready young flacos
10/10 will see you lan and probably beat you 3 at drinking.
I'm going to deliver him to you
Let's get fucked up son. Drinking till the morning no. I got francois to carry my in drinking games
solid line up kapot

best of luck homie
good luck!
good luck broeders <3
Legends, een eer om in jullie tijd te leven.
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