LeFrancis is a false king

Don't believe his lies of him being the #1 in the honorable game of answering trivial questions.

In fact I am the #1 and I have proof which I will present to you here
image: Screenshot_20190116-191412_Discord

I for one propose we burn him at stake for his acts of deceiving the wonderful people here and on the Schnee discord. Which if you haven't already should join, it cured my baldness and made me rich.

A most excellent day to you all and good bye

@hazz he can even create journals :o
What have we done...
error no token is currently in use for this session


Also thank you for promoting my name. CIAO
low+ max, I think you should 1on1 and see who is real men
do you even cklub?
1v1 me at lan if you dare
protip: You wont be able to use google
As you may might be able to tell from the screenshot, it was done on a mobile device which make it kinda hard, not impossible, to use Google. I can't believe these outrageous claims. You're grasping for straws for being exposed!!!
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