GamesTV: Miscellaneous Matches

After discussing it with the other site admins, I am opening up GamesTV for any and all ET matches. You may now use the "Miscellaneous" league for games which do not fit in any of the other leagues.

Please understand that cup matches will have priority regarding servers. There is a limited supply of GTV match servers nowadays, and you may be asked to provide your own server if you're requesting coverage during peak hours. This includes one-day cups and any other organized event.

We also ask that you do your best to present each match as professionally and honestly as possible with real lineups, maps, and all other necessary information.

Thanks & enjoy!
thank you
thank you
wise decision
Hardest word for sure, miscellaneous. who the fuck wanted to be written like that
My miscellaneous klemen!
That's the way it should be handled.
good guy
thank you
This confused merlinator greatly last night. Luckily he was able to witness great game but not the end climax thought!
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