A new milestone!

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So after a month of hard work and advertising we have finally reached our first milestone on our discord community channel, today we can proudly say we got our 500th member to join our ranks. Ofcourse we had to celebrate that like true nerds do and played tons of 6on6's as we always do, because we re all cool guys.

image: rsz1bot1 image: rszmembers

Unless you have been living in a cave (which im sure a lot of you did), you probably already know where our discord place is located and are already part of this awesome community, but in case, just incase you somehow missed that already, which could be seen from Moon as well, i will be so kind and drop a link here for everyone whos not yet there to joins us and enjoy all the good stuffs we got there.

Now down to some stuffs that we did on our path to this milestone:
  • Started up with setting up basic gather for those players who wished to use it
  • Promoted the discord on most of the ETPro and other related community sites for as many publicity as possible
  • Got the support from rezta and banga who are our main server providers so our nerds can play ET 24/7 as well as using teamspeak for those lovely coms
  • Worked on security for discord channel with my precious Gaius Cicereius who is like the true nazi there making sure everyone plays nice and you dont get random pimp requests from other servers, cus lets face, there's only one PIMP
  • Got the lovely MEE6 bot as well to provide us with all the moderator work one needs to run this crazy community without getting a chaos :>
  • Additionally we also worked on getting some fun for when we are not playing ofcourse, duh! We got us a trivia bot and a music bot, which is like best combination for a fine evening with a good glass of wine alongside a cracker.
  • As mentioned above, we have Gather BOT which provides us with easy queing up for 3on3 or 6on6, which has proven to be a big success lately as we get tons of games going on every single day (picture can be seen above, those statistics are from this month only)
  • We are working on getting a ranked system for gather as well, which will provide those who wish a bit more serious competitive gaming.
  • Ran a 6on6 One Day Cup and had 11 teams participating in it
  • Had some great showmatches with famous old faces coming back as well

I assume there could be some more stuffs found, but this is all i can remember off my head, for the rest you will simply have to join up and find it on your own. All of this ofcourse wouldn't have happened without the support of entire community that has been active or came back to enjoy the games with the rest of us. So if you are not yet part of us, what are you waiting for?!

As for those who are already part of this community, thank you for your support, thank you for your activity that you provide each day by either talking or playing the games, so we can keep our lovely game active and strongly alive at this point. Next milestone is to get this number even higher, who knows, maybe even a whole 1000 members on discord.


The best channel there #leslongscanons SI SI

Non d'un chien tu te laisses pousser la barbe ? que dieu me bénisse !
:$ je te benis mon enfant

Ta vie est sauve !
“We are working on getting a ranked system for gather as well, which will provide those who wish a bit more serious competitive gaming”

I Cannot wait to see this happening. It would take the gather to a next level. Good job to you guys!
Fucking loving this que bot. Gj boys and girls. <3

who thought this will become so big as i created that channel 1,5 year ago.
it all started with a handful people and mixed scrims.
plan was to bring some activity back and get all the peepz together i like and i play with.

last year as i introduced that channel on cf, alot of people were like wuuut why do we need that we have teamspeak. and i had doubts if this will ever work.:DDD

BUT look where we are. we reached


I know our (okay my) spam skillz would help us. i'll never give that game up and will do everything to keep it alive.
cause the communtiy was and still is a good one! we have a lot of fun even though we are all so different. but exactly this is the reason why we came together once more. cause we have FUN!

spread the channel, spread the game. spread the love <3
You're welcome ;))))
It's awesome!

Hopefully the win rate thingy leads to possibly more genuine fun matches rather than people tryharding by stacking teams when picking tho!
we discussed for hours to make this work in a good way. can't wait to release it!!!

Player tiers incoming
im not sure how you are going to do this but would be awesome!
stacked teams are mostly the fault of low captains :D
Its problematic for "new" ppl who dont know everyone. I had it at start, I didnt know who is good and who "isnt". And on top of that people use different nicknames in discord than in ET. Takes couple of games to get to know ppl, after that creating equal teams should be easier.
This could be somewhat prevented by captains being chosen based on the number of times they Q'd in the last few games/weeks/whatever - which is something I guess is currently going on?
or players volunteering to be captain when doing the ++ command
atm bot picks captain automatic or ppl can do capfor.
Loveley well written journal!
At first I was hesitant to join but after doing so I regret not having done it sooner. Played at least 8+ 6v6s this weekend vs a new mix each time. Saw 30+ people on TS mixing it up. It's a quick efficient way to get games going as soon as possible. Only issue was the stacked teams which has already been mentioned. Once that has been handle this will be perfect.
Is there a way each player can voice their interest in being captain when doing the ++ command?
yesterday was a lot of fun mate :D
Yeah you and your 5 man security detail had me yelling "WHAT THE FUCK?"
One thing is to make captains people who play a lot (know most of the players) and the other is to make them pick fair (e.g. skill level/tiers in the rest I suppose) :(
picking fair should be common sense.
first thing to pick ppl and know them, would be that ppl name themselves on server as on discord or at least partly so u know who is who..
The thing is some people still won't pick fair teams even if they're known. Personally I feel like the teams should be auto picked by the bot.
Each player should be able to insert a skill level from 1-3 and the bot would determine the fairest teams. I'm not sure how the logic for the bot is provided but if if can be written by a person I wouldn't mind assisting on that.
when the ranked system is set up and some games were played what means people get points for win or loss, the bot will automatically picks people. but this need some ranked games first.
we will see how this works. if not we gonna improve here cus its ongoing improvement anyway
But you guys provide the logic for the bot or is it pre-written?
Isn't it more smart to make this clear in an another post just for the ranked matches as we discussed? Just thinking you should not answer these question, because people will have more questions now :DD
iVe just noticed and it wasn't planned
i was so happy and full of positive vibes. became impatient, wanted to share. couldnt stop :xxxxx
be impatient and be full of positive vibes, as usual ♥
Would you agree or disagree that the lack of common ground between the recently returned teams/players and the Discord -gather mix grinders will most likely end up in a short-lived comeback for the aforementioned?

For instance the reply I got for asking for a new opponent on comms yesterday (on a Sunday evening) was that; "We can't since they're all playing the gather mixes."
so u didnt find oppo cus everyone was playing mixes?
well thats a so so thing, its positive cus people play alot and many.
negative cus u coudnt get oppo. maybe best workaround to msg captain of a team (menace or tsb or smth) and make an appointment

it prolly will change when we add the ranked scrims.

stay positive =)
so you think you would find oppo before discord happened? :D
ppl will get bored of playing mixes and hopefully will create teams instead
those oldschoolers could bring their old friends and play in team together

i have some ideas how to integrate pickup bot for team games
It's normal that a lot of players are participating in mixes, tho there are still teams who are normally searching a game at those hours and could easily arrange something before hand if talked to any of the teams captains. On the other hand, a bit of workaround can be done with letting 6 ppl gather on gather system and then u simply play against them, takes a bit of work but u would get urself a game either way. I have got couple of additional ideas in my mind for helping teams getting their games easier.
good to be back to play some ET once again, eventhough I got bashed in 6v6 mixes yesterday :D

keep up the good work!

On a side note - anyone got idea what to do with 150 ping on hyperion gaming servers? Those are default pick for 6v6 mixes when creating a new game and I dont want to ask everyone to join genius servers each time I play the mix to get a decent ping. I have 50 on all the other servers ;P maybe some proxy or smth? other polaks seemed to have normal ping on hyperion, so I guess this is about my provider
Have you tried to change your "net_port XXX" while on the server?
doesn't seem to work, or I typed wrong random number :P
ye i dont like those either :P
Like BOBiKA tried to say, changing net_port to some random number and doing net_restart might sometimes get you better routing and thus better ping. Other than that I have no ideas. :(
hey I can give you some help with qwfwd proxies ;)
that would be great, pm me on discord when avi :)
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