Presenting Ranked Gather

image: n1WJVmU

Greetings to everyone who is still lurking around this lovely place and reads occasionally a good journal. As for those who have found their place among our ETPro Discord community, we have got some exciting news for all of you! As we always ask everyone to provide us with suggestions to improve our server and add stuffs that players would like to see, one of that was a ranked section of gather gaming that we host and the day has come that we can offically present it to public.

1. What is ranked gather and what is the difference between normal gather that we already host?

Ranked gather is all about the competitive side and spirit that our ETPro mode holds and we wanted to give players back that touch again. Our gathers became this year really successful but we wanted to go a step forward and provide something even better for those who really want to focus on games and feel that competitive spirit again.

2. Who is allowed to play this ranked gather then, only skilled players?

That was the main question we had at start and no, we can say that everyone is still allowed to play regardless of your skills, BUT instead of a chilled fun game, you will have to bring out your ace from the sleeve and show all your might in every single game in other words, competitive is all that ranked gather is about! ( That doesn't mean you can't have fun doing that as well )

3. How can I join the gather then?

The new section is open on our discord, under the name 6v6-ranked and for you to be able to play you will need to do the following in that channel:

!subscribe 6v6 - This will give you the 6v6r role and permission to join this gather, it's important that everyone is aware of that, because without that role, you will not be able to play ranked gathers.

4. Why do I need that role, on normal gather, I don't need it but can still join gather, I don't wish to be spammed all the time with promotions

We thought of that as well, with that in mind, we have disabled ordinary highlighting of 6v6r role so noone is able to spam it, as only our gather bot will have the ability to highlight it. Even for that, we have set the time limit of 20 minutes before one can use either !promote or !sub commands, so we reduce the spam to minimum.

Additionally, when you subscribe to our role, you agree to our rules which can be found in channel for ranked gather, knowing if you are found breaking any of those rules, you will be restricted from it for a certain period of time.

5. Is there anything else that is different from normal gather?

Yes there is! We know that with ranked gathers, players love to see statistics as well, so we added the ranked option, which means that you will be gaining or losing the points depending on how your team performs! (Win/lose ratio) There is also a ranked ladder where you will be able to check your standings and see who is on the top as well.
As for extra, we implemented that two random maps will be selected on each gather by our bot which means that you will not be stuck playing supply or goldrush every gather, but will have the chance to experience every map from offical maplist!

I assume that this covers most of the introduction, for other informations, you can join our discord and discover the rest there or simply ask here and we will try to answer as soon as possible.