m4xt0r secrets revealed

Hello everyone.

If someone would ever ask why m4xt0r play so good on 1on1 maps. I checked that and he has probably 2 monitors (or laptop). He connects to to the server with a second client, and on the second screen he is speccing you durring gameplay. Most of players who played against him, consider him to have wh because he always know where the opponent is. Also most of the time he connects with "his friend" on the server. So I run my own server and this is what happened:
Quote18:24.23 Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\1390 0 100 1\g_password\none\cl_guid\NO_GUID\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\^z1v1 ^7Mxt0r\rate\25000\snaps\20\cl_anonymous\0\cl_punkbuster\1\ip\**.***.16.19:27961

Quote18:24.23 Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\1388 0 100 1\g_password\none\cl_guid\************************D9EC0FA2\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\Test

Thats embarrasing.
Surprisingly after he denied the Test player was him. But gladly logs doesn't lie.

There is another way to have advantage over opponent on the te_valhalla map, it's the limbo cam. Player with ID 0 can be followed by it. To fix that try:
Thanks to hazz.

Another story about funny guy from yesterday:

16:52.07 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: mx join man
16:52.22 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: mxtor
16:52.30 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: man u there
16:52.35 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: ju
16:52.38 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: join up
16:52.50 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: mx
16:54.29 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: is anyone here
16:54.32 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: mx
16:55.22 say: ^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{: mxtor

image: VgbsIkZ

Who is rTs?
16:51.57 Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\1390 0 100 1\g_password\none\password\duelz\cl_guid\NO_GUID\cl_wwwDownload\1\name\^7rTs^>{^4{^${^5{\rate\25000\snaps\20\cl_anonymous\0\cl_punkbuster\1\ip\**.***.16.19:27960

Who was the speccing atm?
16:51.53 Userinfo: \cg_etVersion\ET Pro, ET 2.60\cg_uinfo\77 0 100 1\g_password\none\password\duelz\cl_guid\************************ED6D4B29\cl_punkbuster\1\
cl_anonymous\0\snaps\20\rate\25000\name\^z1v1 ^7Mxt0r\cl_wwwDownload\1\ip\**.***.16.19:1100

Talking to yourself >all
Each connection different cl_guid.

image: get-rekt-gif

Have a nice day crossfire @ 2k19 serious business.
serious gaming yes
deleted, papi stays #1 1v1 player
Too dumb to use wh, but use a second laptop.
Then how you explain all the times i've destroyed you pretty badly when no spectators was there, and you even refused demos ?

You're not logic my friend

Btw, are you trying to find excuses for this ?

image: 08MAqgu

Would you dare saying roOX = me ?
Rofl lock :') one more time : You speclocked, you kept being owned, and then "Test" wasn't here anymore as you kicked him and you got rekt even harder... xD

I owned you and others already without any specs ;)

Is someone talking to himself again?
Yes LoCk i'm everywhere :d
image: mYi4dpI
('o') Mxt0r = rapz
fantasy = fantasy
hmmmmmmm = bloodje
.Fe!nt = ?
@MxZer = ?

Just to make it sure he was on this match also on spec.
you forgot about one player :)
Was mentioning only specs.
They're me :D

Weirdly you said before mAus was not a challenge and that you would rekt him and now you seems impressed lol
he bet maus cos he dont think
...... yoo stoopid
Once again mixture has been called out. This is becoming quite a thing! Is he legit or does he fake his matches?! that is the big question on everyones lips.

I hope we get some clarity soon and see this young man compete at LAN to prove his worth.
It's fitting the first time I play ET in 10 years, I join a random server and find myself into a cheat related case instantly. Some things never change, good detective work if I may say so myself.
Welcome back, nothing changes right?
i mean
you just speclock.
or kick the spectator
problem solved.
That's what he did and took 7 kills dif in 1 round instead of 4 during the first round when "Test" was there :')

He didnt take his drugs, he misses some lucidity
Mxtor please :') he's not even trying to defend himself in your 1v1, he is simply pointing out that in your 1v1s you have a 2nd player on the server. That in itself is so retarded. You should probably remove everyone from your victims list because nobody can be sure which ones you've cheated on :o)

You can talk about how you beat Lock all you want but that doesn't take anyway from the fact that you're cheating in 1v1s :') whether that be using nades, or speccing on a 2nd screen.

Feels good to have that win over you. No need to exercise a rematch if you're going to pull shit like this.
Where can I find mxtors victim list? :D
Am i seriously the only one who beat mxtor in 1o1? Haha lol....
You need to look below (2nd monitor). I'm glad I could help. Np.
Nice 2nd monitor. I really need it <3

gg lock :()

image: 3w5LPKI
image: 6xDQfs8
I lost it cause you paid me 50euro.
image: bGUU8RM
Ahah I knew you would put this shit fake to answer to it :DDD

Nice prediction mxtor

wp using a nade in an official ClanBase match :') your 1st loss in 36 matches won 4-0 sad loss LoCk 1-3

image: Y1wGVel
Why would I lie about paypal income from you? Don't try to reject the truth. I cried when I won my lost.
image: woody-harrelson-zombieland-money-cry-gif

1) i had no Paypal account at that time
2) You said yourself you would do anything to discrédit me a fews years ago and you even said it a few days ago on your serv after i rekt you

LoCk ? Am I your nightmare ? Ive haunted your nights, and your days, maybe that's why you became mentaly déficient since that day ?
XÄŹddddd you got serious issues mate xdddd
I wanna be in the bubble too
image: maXadWN
Maxtor, I found some difficulties in understanding you. Please, write moar english and less to yourself.
1) sure thing. I should make a movie from paypal history then.
2) I don't have to do anything, you are discrediting yourself very well.

You are not my nightmare at all, rather a tumor cancer which I would like to cut off.
Your cancer, isn't a cancer around the same than a nightmare ??

I'm your evil and you live it bad cause you're frustrated to lose.
in this case:
evil = retard
then agree.
Sit down on a huge black cock.
You ve seen my long black mp40 canon bulleting ting ting your mouth and your ass in the stairs yeah 0:)
dude holy fuck thats crazy
i would always wonder why there was always 1 person spectating when i gave ip to no one
Nice spectators
image: XSxC7JR

Nice spectators
image: UqXgltU
so why are you talking to yourself?
Because Mr. LoCkheed always refuses to play vs me but I see that he plays with others...
im not understanding
why were you talking to yourself when you're the same person in spectator?
If I want him to believe for a few minutes, I got to play this shit... other he would have obviously instantly suspect it..
Imagine he sees me disconnecting and 1 minute later connecting with an other nick, in an only few short time.. it's busted

I knew there had 80% chance he discovers it, but I knew i would have played vs him already when he would that's all.
what the fuck are you saying?

(Unless he faked the screen shots!)
Desperate on a completely new level if true
Good job lock
Snatix real king of 1on1
underrated comment
ez4mxt0r !
haha, I wish I had your amount of time and your kind of problems nowadays :D
Who cares about 1v1 anyway?
we don't care bro
its just funny how he talks to himself :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Sorry LoCkheed didn't gave me his drugs to solve my skyzophrenic behave
but he gave evidence?
are you denying that second person in spectator wasnt you?
He will deny it.
As he denied that he paid me 50euro. I kept the full name and surname privately.
This is the screenshot from the match.
image: KMg7kYH
The funniest part is that he wrote to himself those few lines just after I went off from the server.
Besides of the fact after he lost this map he quit to spectator just before the 2nd round ended. But who gives a fuck.
Is this seriously how you screen looks like ingame ? :DDD

Yes I said it already, you've won a round, but 1 round only since i've won 3, only on this map, countless your rektage that happened the day after
nice ignoring the fact that you were talking to yourself XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
God is everywhere and everyone, when 2 person talks, we can say God talks to himself
knock knock...
Yep, it's Jehovah's. Don't open.
jesus man
like i knew you were a loser for keeping screenshots
but talking to yourself and acting like its another person is just something else
>You buy cigarettes, I bought bot. I bought bot and I do not have heal impairment.
>Gnajda bought WH, m4xtor bought second laptop.
Then why you whining about this if I need a 2nd monitor ? :')

image: 2xZe5wN
image: XckjxQ5
image: PT2kE7w
image: Kyjfrft
image: P9JXMVt
image: uWvHq83
image: zOXD1kj

Where is my 2nd monitor ?

PS: I got some more crying if ever you want
Why you still want to prove something? We are not discussing about your winning. Are you Charlie Sheen? Or what? This thread is about smth else. Wake up already and stop talking to yourself.
man u there
man u there
join up
mx join man
is anyone here
mx join the discussion man
You're saying I beat you because I "have a 2nd monitor" I'm just showing you I don't need a 2nd monitor to rekt you

And you said above this comment that I don't have a wh but a 2nd monitor.. Contradiction..

Just read your server logs and see (if you don't remember) I did ask you first as Mxt0r to play vs me and you said No. You now got the answer why I connected with an other nick. You got tricked and you're even more frustrated cause this is the only excuse you can find to lose vs me...


<lock> once you waere challanged me @ CB and you used aimbot
<lock> it was obvious
<lock> you won valhalla

an old conversation we had on IRC xDD
i had to login...

mxt0r has some mental issues, sry

this kind of shit happened like 8 years ago aswell in rtcw.
he keeps ignoring the facts and keeps talking some random BS.

accept the fact u lost this one mxt0r.
Watch out! You are on his victims list. Prepare for screenshot salvation.
he had himself in spec in rtcw and pretended like it was someone else in rtcw as well?
i think i trolled him hard enough and eventually didnt play against him
lmao dafuq :DD
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