Fps Issues

Hi Team

I can't seem to get stable 125 fps playing 1280x1024 with borders. It flickers from 125 to about 115 rapidly, constantly, so much so that you can't even read the number.

Even when I try native 1920x1080 it does the same.
The only time it stays stable 125 is when I have 1280x1024 windowed.

Any ideas? Any commands or something I'm missing?

Thanks =]

edit: its been sorted, it was vsync that needed to be turned off.
I'll leave this journal up as it may be of use to other people.
r_primitives 2
Already have that in the cfg, still the same issue
set vsync off at gpu settings
I love you, thanks!
run as administrator.
Yeah was already doing that, its been sorted though, it was vsync
Turn off v-sync
I've got the same issue when I have many programs on at the same time
had fps issues myself, fixed them by turning off threaded optimization
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