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Europe mAlibu

Ladies and Gentlemans! It's finally time to announce the 2019 Europe mAlibu 3on3 LAN Line-up. Let's start!

This young god played for some 'decent' teams over the years, but never really had the chance to proof him self on a big stage with a GOOD team. He played on the last 3 LANs & the most people remembers him as The B2K LAN Destroyer. Let me introduce you to best (c)aptain ever: Netherlands KAPOT

This man won back to back 3on3 LAN, he won the last 6on6 LAN with Benelux Elysium. A dutch legend, one of the greatest from ET. Let me introduce you to: Netherlands iNsAne

The last man but definitely not the least is struggling to get LAN victories with the Germany Yermanz, He has alot of experience, one of the best aimers in the game & the most ETPlayers also calls him unhit, because of his GREAT movement! ;) Please let me introduce you to the last player of our 3on3 Line-up: Germany Bl4d3

Quote Netherlands kApot: I'm very happy with the Europe mAlibu 3on3 Line-up. I don't think we could make a better team than this. Based on our line-up and our motivation, we should be able to get 'atleast' top 3.

Europe mAlibu 3on3: Netherlands kApot , Netherlands iNsAne & Germany Bl4d3

cu @ LAN!
Kind Regards!
Europe mAlibu
Maak ze kapot! Goodluck <3 "$h0wt1m3!".
Gaan we doen! Thanks!
Better line-up? I replace you. Good luck tho xx
Umberto digga
ei vettä, ei voittoa :')
Haluisin tuoda voiton Suomeen :)
very nice lu
Thank you ipod! Appreciated!
So much salt in that journal :D what stands over victories? ; )

Nice team! Have fun and good luck!!!
Hahaha Thank you bro!
No more h2o already :D

Gl kApot, gud team
Thank you uYop!
inb4 next week another post with a line-up change :XD

jk, gl emils
Thank you Ava!
Thank you kapot!
blade and kapot the yung gods making political standpoints with the upcoming LAN victory. LIBERTY FOR ALL
challenge accepted.
Oh shit lucky for us you have stray..

Jk bruv
Gl boys!
thats insAne
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