Divide ET impera 6on6 LAN TEAM

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Benelux Divide ET impera

No one expected us to ever show up on a LAN, but guess what? WE ARE COMING!

Ok, Ladies and Gentlemans! This is the moment we all have been waiting for, the Benelux Divide ET impera 6on6 LAN Line-up.

Let's start with the first player of our line-up: He is born and raised in Belgium, The rifle god of our team, the trickjump and trickshot master, and in my eyes very underrated! Let me introduce you to: Belgium aNGER

This beautiful man is the Artillery master in our team, always positive and very talented! He loves to listen/sing alot of Andre Hazes songs on teamspeak. We all expect alot of him! Let me introduce you to: Netherlands base

This man is a very good medic, one of the best teamplayers, and is willing to do alot of 'dirty' work for the team. I think every team would love to have a player like him on their side! Let me introduce you to: Belgium ChilAx

This man has alot of 6on6 experience, played in some decent teams over the years, the shotcaller of our team, the man behind our tactics. Let me introduce you to the best player of our team: Belgium eron

Alot of players called him one of the most underrated players, they also called him the 'one to watch' on our team! He played on the last 3 LANs and is very motivated to smash everyone on LAN. Let me introduce you to: Netherlands kApot

The last but definitely not the least, one of the best reviving medics, the truckdriver + 'spongebob' of our team, He would love to catch a grenade for us! And he is willing to do alot of 'dirty' work for the team! Please let me introduce you to our last player of this Line-up: Netherlands xtrm

Benelux Divide ET impera 6on6 Line-up: Belgium aNGER , Netherlands base , Belgium ChilAx , Belgium eron , Netherlands kApot & Netherlands xtrm.

QuoteBelgium aNGER: Om te gieren Xd

QuoteNetherlands base: Nou dan ga ik koprollen hoor

QuoteNetherlands kApot: Nu gaan we pompen!

Special shoutout to our homeboys: Netherlands Constan & Belgium Jerre!

Kind Regards!
Benelux Divide ET impera
Gaming glasses, aNGER? Xd
I approve this message, lan winners confirmed.
Succes toppers <3
Thanks buitenlander <3
No copyrights at all ahaha every post about a team is great
When full #follow.et lineup is confirmed, let's just say you should expect a newspost. We're the biggest thing since EC #culan
Talent and base just dont work together too well haha
at least he's playing clean.
Welcome boys
Gud lok warmup ownators
zo moet het jongens
there is my 3o3 homeboy ♥
Where is my legendary Quote?
Quote Krepox: zonder anticheat schieten ze goed he
Gl de mannen!
Gl midgets :)
Nice post leroy.

Goed geluk jongens, krijg vlinders in m'n buik om jullie te ontmoeten. Vraag maar aan leroy
gl guys!
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