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Ahah, it ain't cheat program but something even better: TUTORIALS HOW TO PLAY ET
Pls make me proud and cringe a lot, I deserve it. Hope you have some laugh too :-) At least I did. I tumbled upon it on my external hdd and decided to re-share because why not when I can. Enjoy your prize moneys.


Since links don't propably work, here is download link:!zFR3CIDa!_CEvbDoOeZ3a9lGxfzRZULw2IsXJ4Nxe84vzDXwiBec
QuoteIndicator of good player?

Answer: He does his job in team. He fits good to that team. However, if you want to do your job and fit to team, you need to be able to win 1on1 situations, have a "brains" etc. So general indicator of good player is his damage given / damage received section (to see every players dmg given / dmg received, type /scores in console). But as mentioned, its not the absolute truth.

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Pure gem and an absolute masterpiece.
Yes, need video when you dodge rockets aswell please
Need sniping tutorial plz
Need binoc sniping tutorial like serimestari
:D old but gold
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