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Over at - the last active ETpro pub - we have spent some effort in updating our server after it's last crash. Unlocking cg_gun_frame, unlocking fps to 166 and some other minor tweaks and update maplist. But here comes my question. If I remember correctly ETpro config raised the charge needed to shoot a rifle nade by a bit to prevent rifles from shooting two rifle nades in short succesion. However I cannot find the relevant command, maybe the tweak is in the LUA scripts but I couldn't find it after skim trough it.

Anyone has an idea on how to raise the charge needed to shoot a rifle nade?

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/q hellreturn
Sounds like a job for miraya/pds.
I would try to mess with command:

Check default value and then enjoy the changes.
yeah, i found that one in the global 6vs6 config, but I recall ETcompetition using a slightly higher charge to prevent rifles from shooting two rifle nades in quick succesion.
You can't technically raise the amount of charge needed to shoot a rifle, half of the charge is required for 1 shot. This is fixed in etmain/etpro, cannot be fixed with LUA either. And please lock cg_gun_frame again, you will thank me later.

All commands related to rifle:


And neither of them indicate what you are requesting. The reason they might shoot faster in succession will have to do with the XP based reward system, the higher their level in engineering, with aid of the command post, they can actually charge a rifle faster, what you are mistaking for shooting too fast. However g_engineerChargeTime indicates the time required for engineers to get their charge full again, you might wanna up this if you are experiencing overpowered rifles.
why lock cg_gun_frame, it is purely aestethic it doesnt affect anything in game
Oh, and I would consider b_chargetransfer= to disallow use of mines to transfer charge between players or 'store charge' (exploit)
That command was only used to prevent people from feeding the riflenader charge to attack supplydepot upper level. I never saw it as an exploit, more of a cool gimmick and teamplay.
unlocking fps to 166

I suggested to unlock it to 144fps for the 144hz monitor users and since it wouldn't affect spread much even when using 125hz mouserate. But then you realize quake engine goes from 125fps => 166fps so unless you use vsync you can't run at 144fps.

Luckily I'm pc masterrace with 240 hz monitor and I just added another custom resolution @ 166hz.
ive got an 240hz monitor too, using displayrefresh 144 ingame. if i understand u right thats pretty useless or did i get it wrong? feels pretty fluent ingame

got my settings in the graphics on 240 hz and full hd
i didnt like 125 fps @ 240hz. 125fps @ 125hz custom resolution was nice and I've been running 166fps / 166hz custom for a while now, its still smoother than 125fps /240 hz 144fps / 240 hz or 166fps / 240 hz.
Well on normal warserver its only possible to have 125 fps, what hz and displayrefresh do u recommend there?
125fps and add a custom resolution of 125hz, if you have a 144hz monitor
125 fps and enable gsync.
gsync is for when using unstable fps
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