random showerthought #6

In an attempt not to waste a hard-earned depressive mood brought on by the cold, dark wintery months, I've decided to hastily, before the longer days and the inevitable time spent outdoors makes me forget suffering for a while again, bring forth a slightly unpleasant showerthought.

DISCLAIMER: This is all based on the assumption that the "goodness" of days can be somehow objectively evaluated. But even if it can't, the concluding thoughts might still not be complete nonsense.

Taking into account the amount of people currently living (let's round it to down 7,500,000,000), and the average number of days a random person can be expected to live (about 26,000 = about 71 years), any given day is simultaneously the worst day in the lives of about 288,000 people, and also the best day of the lives of about the same amount of people.

A bit sadly inspired as I am, even ignoring the gruesome thought of related worst-best day pairs, this thought made me draw the contrast between the worst and the best day I can possibly imagine a person having, and I have to admit to myself, I can imagine people having many awful days (let's omit details...) that no good event can ever make up for.

Thank you for reading. :)
What kind of a world are we living in...
any day with you is the best day in my life

but then hitboxes
Yeah you're definitely

Made me chuckle. Definitely worth scrolling down for. :D
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