#follow.et need 6th for lan

This is your opportunity to be in the finals of a LAN and lift the cup up with big ET stars like Francois and Nismo.

Our lineup:
England Nismo - Brexit officer
France Francois - Captain
United Kingdom potty - fat cunt
Germany ParZi - Carrier
Netherlands Enigma - Quiet but deadly

Classes don't matter as we haven't played a practice ever. I don't think we have played as a team since around 2014 and I guess the first time we play together with be the first game at lan on the saturday. On a serious not (Yes we cna be serious sometimes) We plan on winning fuck all. If we win 1 map it's be more than we actually expect. Just be up for a laugh and chill as fuck.

If you want to join (no idea why anyone would wanna join) please drop me a message. We can sort out your position in the team like which round you'll be buying at the bar. Drinking is not an option... it is essential.
Seems like a professional team - gl searching a professional member to complete the squad
If your name is Mixture you have a big advantage
gl friends <3
Thank you punky. We are going to make you proud by bringing home that gold pocal
Hi there squAze,

We would welcome Ronner with open arms, however his mature and considered outlook on life may not fit seamlessly with our immature and carefree attitude.

If you have any questions let me know.

true, not enough of a dick for you :o)
bit rude mate
okay lets go
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