Sungi the LANwinner


My name is PolandZaD and along with GermanyBunny I am a member of EuropeTeam :bunny: (you must have heard about us!), very serious e-sports clan focused on getting #1 places in AP modification of ET. I have very important message about Finlandfinnish legend known as FinlandZungy for all of you fellow ET players.

Many of you know him as 3on3 hero. Up until today he was my trickjumping idol and rolemodel, but terrible things came to light. It turns out FinlandZungy (also known as FinlandSungi in some circles), an ancient machine speaking in outdated memes language, with no original thought of it's own, has been improving its already godtier trickjumping strafe with illegal software behind the scenes. Seems like he has been running at incredible hihg, but artificial speed. (one of his fav, cheeky outdated memes) Who would have thought?!

FinlandZungy's dishonourable activities have been discovered by very intricate and ingenious silent detection system employed in service of ETrun trickjumping mod of ET. You would have to ask ETrun's admin Nico for details, because I have no clue how it works. In any case FinlandZungy has joined to the vast ranks of already busted Finlandfinnish sneaky, fishy and cheating jumpsters. Seems like Finlandthey are even worse than Polandpolaks in that regard.

His desire to show EuropeTeam :bunny: its "proper place" on AP led him to commiting this vicious crime against fair play, since he was unable to achieve his ambitious goal with natural abilities and talents.
On behalf of EuropeTeam :bunny:, focused on beating timeruns WORLD RECORDS in HONOURABLE fashion, I express my deepest regret and disappointment.

RIP Sungi's career 2017-2019
RIP countless recs

I guess that makes his timeruns movie kind of obsolete.


image: AsB0Xi7

image: axLNj0a

Were these gentlemen right to be suspicious?!

image: Akq7F06

image: mpZNMly
Suprising news
Another one bites the dust.. this would put all his movies in a different perspective
ugly nerd
Cheating in trickjumping? How fucking low can you go lol...

For the real heads:
Haha, holy homie, lever losing the north ;D
What did you just say :p?
Behavioral bug - he thought that he is replying to himself.
Case closed.
ShUt uP WuT (Woof u Talk) yOu'rE BaD
Sorry but I don't understand baguettish. Take care :)!
i would suggest you to tape your ears into back of your head since you look like fucking mongol elf
Funny reading that when i know it comes from a man who looks like you :')
Never* losing the north ^^ (always taking occasions to promot his great rtcw tj movie) :p
i hardly promote my own videos tbh ;)
You understood what i meant ;p it wasnt a provocation ^^
Logged in to comment on this shit haha. Expected. Enjoy ban
yeah you have to log in for that
cheating in tj tho
Conclusion: broken anticheat.
oh no baby what is you doin
Time to start vET again

e: oh whatever there is still aciz so no point in doing it
Was shit anyway
Very nice work ZaD
QuoteIf you have used a cheat you should let me know ASAP via mp or using this link, if you do so you won't be banned.

QuotePost by pupup0x » Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:03 am

Glad to see I received no punishment whatsoever, so I can continue cheating =)

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Never heard of him... Probably a cunt anyway
RiP cheating [EEF] legend

image: XCfeuYV
So he was caught cheating in trickjumping only, or am I missing a point here somewhere? I mean yes, it is cheating, but I don't understand how this proves anything about all those wallhack accusations etc...? Not here to defend him or anything 'cause I only know this guy for his name. Still being caught with some AC on trickjump doesn't mean, imo, that he has been cheating in other formats, 4shoo ==>> wall of quotes about his wallhacking and cheating.
It doesnt proof he cheated in other format but why wouldnt he cheat in other format if he cheats in tj ? + his 3o3 cup was pretty obv imo :x
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