Can someone provide me an easy to use spawntimer?

For example, enter the "30" mark, use numpad to add the additional number and ready to spam..

Highly appreciated & worth 1 BECKS at lan :)
we can exchange, provided that you will give me an easy to use config, similar to that one:

image: bjovbk7l15s6z3apx
are you kidding me, who still plays with 4:3 resolution :s?
I'm S E R I O U S
u would be surprised
a lot of CS players
you use 5:4 or 4:3 on a widescreen and it stretches the image so ppl look like fat dwarfs.

I play 1350x1080 these days, used to play 1280x1024
haha kamz 0/5
Why did I remember that his selfbust was from gr axis backspawn? :D
I'd be happy to
big time roll model
I have spawntimer to press a button at specific time to start it if that helps.
Got one aswell
One bind to cycle trought values and 2nd to reset:

set timer1 "timerset 30; set timer vstr timer2"
set timer2 "timerset 20; set timer vstr timer3"
set timer3 "timerset 35; set timer vstr timer4"
set timer4 "timerset 25; set timer vstr timer5"
set timer5 "timerset 15; set timer vstr timer1"
set timer "vstr timer1"
bind m "vstr timer"
bind n "resettimer"
Adjusted the one I made decades ago to fit Vila's needs. If anyone else wants it, it's here:

15/20/30 cycle is set using /, * or - on numpad.
After selecting a cycle, you can simply set times using the numpad numbers.
Pressing the enter on numpad prints the currently set spawntime again.
Haha, what a shit timer are provided here :D
What do you use?
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