In need of a roommate LAN (Th-Su)

After receiving one knife in my back from Elysium and another one from 'xD Trickjump, I am looking for someone to share a room with at the IBIS hotel.

Date: Thursday 16th of May - Sunday 19th of May
Costs: +/- 85 euro

I have stayed here last time as well and was satisfied with what I got for the price. IBIS is at approximately 5 to 10 minutes walking distance of TakeTV (LAN center). The reason I am not staying with the other teams is because I will mostly be at the center myself to regulate everything and needed something close by for that reason.

Please send me a private message. Women > men, but beggars can't be choosers.
Still in need of a roommate
85 from thu to sunday? I'm in
Women > men
Men > Women
Een beetje gay, dat is oke
En anders zorg jij wel voor wat extra vuur met je vlammenwerper x
I got a better option for you. I bring a tent and you can camp outside taketv. 10 second walk and cheap as fuck
Why didn't I come up with this myself
You're pretty handsome, I'm sure you could pickup a random girl (or guy) each night for free accommodation. Willing to be your wingman if needed.
avi but wont pay
found a roommate for you

image: 61r0Z96aUEL._AC_UL320_
8.7/10, would buy just for the boobies
Denk dat ik je deze lan weer join grote vriend
i volunteer hi
IBIS good choice!
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