Enemy Territory 2, the moment we've been wating for!

I remember dreaming about this all ready back in 2008. And nothing brings me more joy than this, so this is the first official announcement about it. Without any further I'll let the video do the talking.

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And already thank you in advance for all the PayPal Donations:

I hope for a lively open discussion :)
What is the goal of a new ET?
What is your financial plan?
What do you expect from the community?

I will still play with r_picmip 3 tho xd
We'll talk about it more in depth, in the future videos. The goal is to make pretty much the same game just on a better engine, which would allow us to keep the game up with the time. There's plenty of "look-a-like" ET-s out there but non of them actually has the same dynamics of the game.

Currently we're operating on sponsors and donations. Launched game will have a fee though, which will be close to nothing and we're going to explain it in the future.

From the community first of all we hope for feedback and definitely promotion. Share this awesome news with gaming buddy you have. :) And we're actually going to hire some people who have experience on Unreal Engine 4 or modeling.

And on the part of picmip3, I would too! :D Since gaming always interested me because of the teamplay, communications and fellowship, thats the reason why I was thinking about reviving the game because people are dropping like flyes in our community!
Even if this one isn't april fools joke and it won't fail like other projects (hehe), atm I feel skeptical about:
QuoteThere's plenty of "look-a-like" ET-s out there but non of them actually has the same dynamics of the game.
connected with
QuoteUnreal Engine 4
How does it work. How r u able to sell the game when u don't own the rights for it?
We chose UE4 because it's the easiest one to modify according to the developers need.
About the rights: the game is not going to be named Enemy Territory, because its a Trademark of SplashDamage. Actually we were thinking of community to name the new game :)
I think someone else owns the rights these days than SD
Looks good!!
Thank you! Spread the word :)
Now we can finally roll you in 4K HD quality !
Good one! :D
April fools was yesterday
Actually wanted to bring it to you guys yesterday, but then I figured... :D

So yea, this is real! :)
That's some quite amazing quality actually :o. To make it a success you need a real developer behind it, like splash damage I would expect.
We're open for discussions and thank you for feedback. The quality is good and this recorded just in preview mode. Also the shadering isn't finished. Right now most of the attention goes to brush working, so we would have something to show you guys every now and then.
Nice, looks good, keep up the work
Thank you, will do! :)
Looks good! Good luck in the progress.
+ for wuttply
- for uploading it 1st April @ youtube
Need to be more cautious about dates :D
looks very nice, keep it up =)
Thank you :) Will do!
Good ! My tyranic 1on1 reign will finally live longer ! Is there a te_valhalla and multi_huntplace planned in this incoming ET2 ?

On a serious note, it looks really good and i home this will be releases !

Do you have an idea when this could be playable ?
xD made me laugh
About the map pool. Priority is to remap all the known and most played maps in the competitive scenery! And who knows maybe even 1o1 maps :D

I hope it's going to be playable a year from now!
There are couple of changes that wouldn't hurt the gameplay but could potentially improve it's attractiveness such as bigger weapon variance similar to dirty bomb, where the overall effectiveness make them quite similar to eachother.
Yes, there are some improvements going to be made, for example MG can be mounted on windows and etc. So you wouldn't need to go prone to properly use it and so forth. But mostly its going to be the same good old ET :)
Nice idea, but I'm not too sure that will work well. Being able to mount an MG on supply up or above main for example could possibly ruin things.
You can always tweak some weapon stats to balance it out. I think that lower damage input with mg42 isn't something that will ruin the game.
It's a risk, but in competitive level you can balance things with weapon use etc.
I was hoping people could see the resemblance! :D
noticed in the first opening seconds, [intense screaming]

dream is on
What about cheats?
If you mean do we all ready have something to prevent cheating then no. That's going to be done by the end stages of development.
I recommend you to contact T4Ce.EU, former ET coder team currently working for Kaspersky. Might be up for a cooperation without any extra cost. I am unsure if their Project lead is Speedy Bozar or Gnajda, but they are all present in this site.
What about rivers and mothers?
gonna ask a question on NgN's behalf:
- WiLl ThErE bE sHoTgUnS sO i CaN oWn PeOpLe JuSt LiKe In DiRtY bOmB?
Right now no shotgun is planned, but adding weapons and removing them is a small effort according to everything else that still needs to be done.
How do you plan to emulate idtech3 movement and physics in UE?

Also, IP copyright claims? Activision/Zenimax/ID are not going to just let you earn money on property they own, this is not how things work, just changing the name isn't going to work.
The development is spread into many phases and onto more than 1 person. I work mostly on mapping and modeling. Not and expert on physics, but people working on UE4 for years have said, you can "mock" the movements.

IP copyright is a concern of mine as well. And I still haven't got the final answer since legal matters are somewhat different regarding the country. Althought with giving the game into open source they also might've dropped the IP claim. Answer for this is still open, but I hope it's positive.

Also thank you Oxy and everyone else. Who are openly discussing the topic and bringing out all the concerns that we might have not thought of yet.
The game files being open source still fall under a license, monetization of such is very tricky, also last I checked they don't include the models or artwork - which are all still intellectual property of zenimax. People have gotten cease and desist letters for far less.

It's not just zenimax you're fighting here either, Splash Damage and Activision most definitely won't be happy if you monetize their products for your own gains. You're also ripping off the work of people that made maps, whoever knows what kind of legal bullshit this falls into.

Gun names and models fall into various copyright license laws too, not sure if MP40/Garand/k43/Luger/etc are part of these, but wouldn't be surprised.
By the letter of EtLegacy I understand that they wrote to Activision, Bethesda and SplashDamage. But they got an answer only from Bethesda so far? Who has no problems as far as Activision is on board, as the publisher?
i dunno much about it, u can contact kemon though
Zenimax is literally making new games under the Wolfenstein IP, they are not going to give you permission under any circumstances so better start thinking of a new name and logo now.
Wolfsteiner: Unfriendly Area
@chubb why not IDtech4/5/6 engine instead, isn't it more suitable for this game?
To be honest, it was my prefered choice. Also it seems that id engines are not open since it got into ZeniMax hands, who support only their sister companies.
Also the name you offered, is actually pretty clever and good :D
That name was a joke, it's cringy and sounds like a poor mobile game that crashes every 2 minutes.
I'm sure we can come with something better. My friend said that only "Enemy Territory" name falls under the copyrights, but not "ET". We can make something that's only associated with the old name such as: "Ethernal War" (in shortcut ETW) or something completly new and unrelated as long as it sounds good.
Damn boy, you really sense this name thing :D Ethernal War sounds nice. What else you got? :D
Although the Eternal War name is somewhat in use of some other game.
Looks dope as fuck. Well done guys! I really hope you can go through those legal issues.
Thank you and I hope so too! So far the sentence of: "If there's a will there's a way!" hasn't let me down. Hope it gets us through this time as well :)
Though I admire the effort, I'm not optimistic this will be a succes. Not just possible legal issues that will screw things up for you, but Q3 movement, and it's quirks, is the essence of RTCW/ET's gameplay. I'm not an expert on UE but I don't feel confident that this can be recreated (or "mocked" as you called it) in UE.

But like I said, I do very much admire the effort and hope you can prove my pessimistic side wrong.
Thank you, and I agree that it's not going to be easy as well. I'm commited to make it work and I surely hope that after a while, we can all enjoy our beloved game which is up to date.
gave me goosebumps.

ps: i never thought i'd play ET when i'm 30 but here i am. releasing ET2 would most likely make me play another 15 years lol

ps2: keep us updated, as soon as i see some process or anything like real promising im gonna donate
Awesome, goosebumps is the result we wanted to give :D
And yes I will keep crossfire also updated. But latest pictures are visible via Instagram.
Considering how many people tried something similiar at past and most of them failed, brightest future project currently is ET:Legacy and even that is unsure when its gonna be done completely and ready to take / if ever over this ET.
Seeing something like ET2, but then realizing it was posted on youtube on April 1st, was like "meh?" aprils fools? Will be cool if this thing is real and can actually see some improvements, but as mentioned multiple times above, all the copyright hastles and things around it, is probably gonna be your biggest headache to deal with it.

Obviously if all this goes thro, hoping to see this actually coming out properly, just dont forget, if u re stating u intend to make game for the community and die hard fans of ET, to ask them for their input and feedback on what should be improved/changed so it wont end up being completely different game and again ending as another attempt of recreating new ET.

Also if u are not yet part of discord community, we gathered majority or nearly all the active ETPro (competitive mod of ET) as well as rest of ET players on one discord place.

The Journey towards the end goal is definitely going to be a hastle and the copyright problem has been in our heads since beginning. That's the risk we had to take, because It's still the only game which really has taken my heart and I really wan't to make this all work for us.

Also thank you for the discord channel. Going to log in over there :)
I don't really doubt that you'll be able to replicate the physics of quake 3 on UE4 but I do wonder if this project will end up with a playable game or not. What I see as a person with some knowledge of level design is a quick proof of concept map. Prolly made during a week or two so I'm really wondering who is going to open up the wallet and donate anything. You should really get in contact with ETlegacy and TWT (twt just got character models in UE4 setup) and see what the possibilities are, then make sure the licensing is going to work out (IIRC Enemy Territory is trademarked) and then come up with a game plan

What platforms will this even support? linux? or only botnet 10?
Launching it for windows is the first goal. Also contacting people who could help/give advice and also sponsors who will provide better hardware for development is being in process. Doubts from people about the success of this project is understandable, taking into account the number of previous attempts.
I am truly thankful for all the feedback and concernes because I do also have things that I am unaware of, the possible obstacles and problems.
Few Questions -

1. As a donator, i would like to purchase the blueprints and model for you? Where do I see the list which ones you want and from what place?

On kickstarter, I have lost couple of bucks while supporting projects, so i am always careful now.

2. Do you have any website besides just instagram where we can follow development process?

3. You mentioned "Launched game will have a fee though" - How will you be charging based on GPL licensing work?

More or less are you trying to replicate the whole game and create new engine? OR You will be building something upon on ET engine?
I will pm you with the models/blueprints we've listed out so far. So far mostly weapons, particles, inventory features.
The website is currently under construction and isn't the first priority atm. Thus the Instagram which is the fastest way to share progress.
Charging process will be clearer when we get the final answer about the fore mentioned licensing restrictions.
We're replicating the game.
this sounds super exciting tbh. u got more than one map already ? where can i see what u did so far and how far u came? and how much money did people donate? would be nice to have a website with status and stuff.
but i like the look of supply

gl in getting all u need. =)
Awesome to see people excited. We want to get the first map fully playable to have more to show people. As mentioned above, website is under construction and fastest updates to be seen via Instagram.
Looks stunning. I do however doubt trickjumping on this game would feel normaal with all the extra bushes and detailed brushes etc. Might be hard to see through it all
Thank you, absolutely agree that the gameplay is going to change since using new models/meshes and some features of the game are going to be different.
Looks good!
Thank you! :)
If this is not scam then good luck! :)
Cool to see you respond fellow countryman! I actually wanted to contact former ET stars about the current project. Maybe we can meet up! :)
http://hyperion-gaming.net:9990 ts3, tavaliselt õhtuti passime seal.
jyrkz - ET star?

Oh you :(

Miss you too!
How's ur walle fanclub going
So-so, still gaming together with few faces who are also IRL friends but just for fun at the moment.
map looks like in apex legends :D
good work!! keep it up!
thank you, will do! :)
Whatever happens if it ever becomes atleast partially real - allow people to have the game as clean as possible, lowest settings, no sky, no lights, no shit bushes, shit textures - play with model/map lightning settings etc, just make it as user friendly as ET in terms of getting your own settings into it
By that you mean being able to configure the game like with a cfg?
Csgo works well without these configs :)

Ppl are afraid of change, id say change everything and fine tune etpro for competitions balance. Then its back to the grind for all of us :))
Hell no, settings should be enough to set up. cfg files are seriously ancient history
Beautiful work !! The only thing I would suggest dude is that you keep the same movement ET had. And keep the same type of shooting and all that.
Thank you, thats what we're aiming for :)
Would it be possible to launch kickstarter for this? I would definetly throw in some cash then :p

Gj tho, looking good. I hope it will be finished!
Thank you, kickstarter will be possible when we solve the legal matters.
I'm not expert but the first thing what should have been done is to get the legal part done and then make game.
Absolutely agree Casillas, that's what reasonable people do. And we've reasonably been waiting for some action from the prev developers and nothing has happened. Maybe this will.
This is good news!
Yes absolutely, we'll do a kickstarter as soon as we have solved the legal issues.
Looks nice, Chubb m8! Good luck with it ,)
Thank you:)
Realistically when will this be released?
As mentioned before, I truly hope that we can start playing the pre-launch in a year.
Good job. I would focus on gameplay before designing any more maps. Even the first stage of supply would be enough to test it out. Good luck!

Tip: add the hitsound from ETpro to make people fall in love instantly
Yes and the same movement!!!!!!!!! Without the same movement and UI design, you can't have the same game!
Thank you, the first aim was to finish off supply and as you suggested start working on gameplay.
And hitsounds will definately be there, in my opinion it was key part of the game :D
Won't get too excited until gameplay footage or playable alpha's come around :P I've seen so many attempts of this now and especially in UE4 I'm skeptical of gameplay feeling great. Looks nice though, but gameplay is what made ET the game it was.
Well I am wondering the same, though I dont mind if the gameplay and physics got some minor changes. It's not like all the CS games been identical either
Being skeptic is underdstandable, and I agree that achieving the exact same movement will be tough.
As soon as we get on the gameplay part we'll have more answers :)
Surprised that this journal lacks lock's idea about adding Viking class who can chop through walls and Nurse class who can spread HIV among both teams
Lootboxes please, Blyat-thematic premium skins
Great stuff!
I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to have exactly similar trickjump kind of movements, and the animation will obviously greatly differ. But that's also a good thing. There's no way to get the game to look modern without using a new engine. And even if the game isn't 100% same, It will still be much likely much more interesting than any other modern fps that is alive today. (waiting restlessly for some gameplay footage, so I can get to donate).

What I'm skeptical about is that will this really gather a proper competitive playerbase with lot's of new young players? Will there be enough players for example for working match making system, that is quite much a standard thing for youngsters nowadays?
Anyway I believe if this project is done right, it really might have potential and hope for gaining playerbase big enough to get at least me to play very actively.

I also think it's not very wise to see this like it will or should be the exact same game with better textures. Or build expectations for it to be bad only cause there's a bush in a wrong place that blocks your precious vision from your favorite fucking spot or if the same tj's don't work because there's no similar clip in the same stone than there was before etcetc.
I myself see it as a new game, that has potential to be at least the second best online fps ever (after ET), and that's great news after all these years.

Keep it up! 8)
Thank you, very good and though-out comment. And also encouraging. We'll keep on working, now I have some extra people to help out as well. So hopefully soon we'll be able to see some gunplay. :)
i don't believe this until i see actual gunplay. mapping isnt the issue here
True, mapping is the easiest part, time consuming but easy.
You can creat a fancy, fresh, good looking game and maybe even copy the best engine ever. Ok. How will you attract people? I don't think the effort would be worthy if you could play vs the same 30 players over and over again. You already have that.

Is this related to ET Legacy/ Do you cooperate with them?
I don't think the license would be expensive, especially if you have donators. What about a Kickstarter? If you launch it in a creative way, instead of asking money for an ET remake it might even work.

CF post 02.04.2019
YT post 01.04.2019 :/ Fuck you if it is a troll, but I wish you the best of luck and support you can get.
E: I will be your biggest, maniac support if you go against the mainstream and creat a Goldrush teaser instead of more supply and delivery : > That is the map with the gold, the rush, and the tears of polaks owned in 3v3
We have a marketing plan how to attract people, it's a little to early to talk about it. Atm we are not cooperating with ET Legacy, we're open for the idea. Just we want to move on with a new engine that has support now and also in the future.
Also the licencing problem seems to be solved, although I need my lawyer to take a look at the copyright and then we can be for sure. And we're going to launch kickstarter as soon as we have a little more to show.

Also since I have a new mapper in the team who has design skills and won't work on engine improvements then he will have a separate map to build. So we're open for suggestions :)
W:ET missed out Matchmaking system! and it was way to complicated for some people to install it and get on proper servers without knowing that a site like crossfire.nu exists and irc... :)
Yep thats one thing that we definitely improve, a system similar that CS:GO had, where you can search for competitive matches and public servers.
Good luck!
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