small consultancy

Hello, I would like to ask you what you think about these two monitors and how you would help me in choosing one of them.

My pc spec is in my profile :)

Thank you for all the help and advice. :)
First is 1080p and 75Hz, second one looks like it's 10 years old by the fact it's 1050p. Get the first one.
both shit
won't help you anyway
It may not help but it could improve the game's comfort.
Or maybe that's how you write because you are afraid that someone will be better than you on worse equipment, it will not be difficult to do
kim ty jestes leszczu barowy zeby tak pisac do mnie
Wyjasnil cie co tu duzo pisac XD
o kurwa rozjebales a ty kim jestes??:XD pasha to ty?
See now you started a civil war, get the first one. :D
dont get either fam
nie moge ci odp na priv, nie mam pojecia czy ma profil
asus vq248qe
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