hi there i need help bc

So after a lot of time of being an indecisive human, I realised that I want to come to lan and I'm not sure of wether it is a good ideea to share a room with someone (FEMALES ONLY pls :<) or get one by myself or whatever is more financially eco.

Also I might cook romanian food while I am there, who is down?


i heard bloodje has a spare bed
bobika sexually identifies as a female. does that count?
#follow.et gaming house is sadly full but we would appreciate romanian food.
lemme share with one of yous
The only romanian food Ive ever heard of is stolen food.
bitch get smashed
Learn to speak English with Ricky Gervais. However... This gif is no appropriate and you should make this up by posting a better gif. Thank you
Share with bloodje
he stinks like expired jagermeister no thx!!!11
Day tip:
bbc = big black cock
bc = ?
bc= big couch

image: maxresdefault
Proper answer:
Black Couch
You was close thou!
wow i thought you grew up
oh wait you already are quite old

i cannot algebra your behaviour
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