#follow.et professional press statement regarding ETernity LAN seeding tournament

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With the ETernity LAN Seeding Tournament being announced, we at Europe #follow.et Professional eSports Cklub (Sponsored by Netherlands rezta and Netherlands penix) have decided that it would not be right for us to play in the ETernity LAN Seeding Tournament.

We have several reasons for this. First of all, if we are aiming to take the Professional eSports LAN Pocal, we cannot reveal our top secret very secret tacticals to the world. Think on this for a moment; just imagine what those Germany Yerman nerds could do with the knowledge of our famous Europe Radar second stage defense. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Our second reason is that, as the best Europe team in the tournament, we do not feel that the seeding is in our best Professional interests. We do not wish to explain our reasoning on this.

Remember kids: Europe Brexit means England Brexit.

Warmest regards,
United Kingdom Joe aka England Joe
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All good, looking forward to the special tactics on LAN
Our team manager & strategist FinlandWoony has everything written in the notebook.
Thank you m8 for running our communications services with an iron hand.
You can't win without LeFrancis
Je serai présent, physiquement présent, apporte le drame vivant.
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