Need 6th for LAN

Looks like Snatix is dodging so we're going to need a 6th for LAN. Mahla and I are also going to need a 3rd for 3v3.

pm me here or @ discord
Omg I'm about to have manly tears. My computer friend Snatix 2nd best 1vs1 player in the world dodging like his old teamm8 MarseilleLeFrancis

image: Now+im+actually+crying+literal+tears+of+joy+_c1628eb54cab78ad177817f19367aad7
What a surprise coming from Sn'intox

Anyway, whatever happened between us, i dont like that neither so I wish you good luck
If u pay my whole trip i can come, old friends :)
What a cunt. I mean you fantasy. Snatix is a coward as he knew I'd roll him at lan as mixt0r taught me how to beat that French fuck. Take mixture as he is better anyway
what time you arriving in Krefeld? You can walk round the LAN centre holding my pocket all weekend.
snatix is better tho bro
bit late but i am avi
Snatix really not coming? Woow... good luck finding a 6th fantasy
take samraj
good luck btw -- i will come anyway to c u :)
thanks, nice!
pay for my trip and I will dodge
Take this guy
Take me, i will dodge just like this guy and you don't even need to pay for my trip.
You wont give any new the D Day
Snatix never goes to LAN new Le Francis what a nerd
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