some more nostalgia #16

HELP! Footage needed

I'm starting to get low on demos from shoutcasts from the EU scene (besides the +/-100 australian shoutcasts i found this weekend that are not on here yet, but i guess you guys are less interested in those).

Here is a google spreadsheet of my work so far and what i got left:

If you have demos i don't have for these shoutcasts, please share!

I'm particularly interested in 2 sources i don't have yet:
  • QuadV shoutcasts from late 2007 - ???, such as drago panzerfaust game etc. I only have RadioITG casts from tosspot.
  • RadioITG, on QuakeCon 2006. All demos are available, but no casts :(

So if you got material i don't, please share, and i will record and upload them!

New videos

All Oldschool competitive history games i have uploaded:


Sick Job homie !! keep doing it ! <3
so many aussie games <3
found some gamestah archive a few months back. Got like 100 aussie shoutcasted games + demos :-)
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