Come at us [KREFELD]

Hey crossfire nerds and hello to the real champions of the world Fireball will not come close as mentioned in nismos bring list. He is indeed scared of those pocals!

We are here at Krefeld already and wish everyone that is arriving soon a good and safe trip.

Cu soon at the lan center xoxoxo

image: g8s8TYeF left to right : Aquila, BL4D3, kresti, stray, DirtyHarry, Fireball

sorry don't have telescope to zoom in
Dirty¨Harry replacing flopjehz, that's what I call upgrade!

Aquila is sexier than Captain America
so everyone except KRESTi and vila being 1,90m?
bove guys are 190 ¡weight!
erh wtf? I'm not even there
hopefully with LAN winnings you can buy a camera with better than 2 megapixel quality
Told them to get iPhone, but they only had United States of America ipod
Keeping those traditions with pre-LAN worthy journals xx
Aq du bist ein Monster
He just sticked his arm to his body
come at me on

cu tomorrow
nice!! :)
hope u guys have fun! professional eSports cklub since 2008 are looking forward to playing some intense computer battles.
cu tomorrow (:
kleineres foto ging nicht? ;) Viel spaß jungs
H2low vs firefall
Glad I got a mention in such serious professional LAN journal

In all seriousness, cu lan boys x
dirty harry bester mann <3

Looking forward seeing you all again and hopefully have some nice games as well!
cu soon
Enjoy it all!
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