Enemy Territory 2: Supply down, onto the gunplay.

New teaser of the long waited ET2. We thank you guys for the amazing feedback via youtube, instagram and here in crossfire.nu. Thank you all the donors, your support definitely gave us a boost as well. We invite everyone to actively take part in the contest and we’ll consider every suggestion.

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I'm amazed by the quality of the work. Keep up the good work and I hope you will find the right guys to help you out. It looks very promising!
Thank you, means a lot. Help would be much appreciated :)
Any name suggestions?
I thought you're going to fix all copyrights issues before going further. Does it mean it's all been already done? I had some name ideas and i'll post it when i remind it.
I went through the latest copyright they released with going open source in 2010. And also consulted witha business owner who deals with copyrights from time to time. And the copyright says that you have the right to modify, change, update or offer to sale and offer the game for free. Although the the idea remains as a belonging of ID, SplashD and Activision. Also none of these acitivities can't harm the good name of these companies.

So as long as we aknowledge that the idea of this game belongs to them, and we're just providing a newer version for the current community who are playing the game we should have no issues. :)
QuoteAlso none of these acitivities can't harm the good name of these companies.

I sure hope your lawyers are better than Bethesda's because you will have to prove that in court.
Sounds like interesting reading, what happened between them?
All in all, its too early to roll over.
@chubb -

"And the copyright says that you have the right to modify, change, update or offer to sale and offer the game for free"

If you distribute original ET content it needs to be under GPL. Engine code was released under GPL so derivatives would be under GPL.

If you just want to use SDK part - then I believe you can use it but I am exactly not sure if you can charge for it or not.

Good luck and just cover your butt or else if you do good enough sales, Activision might come after you!
Looks cool!
Thank you! :)
woah aprils fools day joke is continued

on a serious note, glad to see that you're providing more info - map looks good

name suggestion: Enter the hunter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
btw hu de fak ar ju ?

post a picture please so i can reocognize u at lan - do soboty - i nie ma wymowki tym razem pijesz
@BloOdje kurcze ze tez nie pilem na poprzednim lanie

i kurcze ze tez nie stawiales mi drinka w barze z samego rana

ale to chyba tylko mi sie snilo
tak tylko ze tym razem musisz byc najebany przed 12:30 !!!
no ciezko zebym w pracy tak teraz zrobil
osz ty cwaniaku - za kare pijesz karniaka od razu na powitanie
Keeping you guys up to date will raise our "credit" as well, we'll try to do it more often.
Good name suggestion :)
great job looks nice - but most importan is teamplay and the dynamic

name suggestion: Teamplay or brotherhood
Yes, right now my main focus is gameplay and then we'll proceed with next maps.
I like Brotherhood ;)
how much money u need to finalize the game ?
Its hard to say honestly, it depends on various things. First of all do I find people who want to develop the game and have a part of the whole pie, or they want instant reward. Entrepreneurial mindset either employee mindset. Servers, hq, sponsors, this is far in the future atm so its hard to predict. Right now what would speed up the process would be help in manpower.
Amazing work :)
name suggestion: Return to Enemy Territory.
Thank you, and I really like the suggestion, clever stuff. Because Just Enemy Territory, Wolfenstein or Return to Castle will raise a red flag because of the Trademark. But "Return to Enemy Territory" should be all good :)
maybe make a discord channel?
To be more in contact with the developers? If the community has the need for it then sure, absolutely!
Dude amazing work!!
Can't wait to start playing
Thank you, and I feel you :D
Will be interesting to see how you balance out strafing vs realism. Strafing and trickjumping is essential for a good ET I feel and the quake engine for Wolfenstein and ET nailed it. Maybe Quake Wars people can give their input on how it was there.
I am not very worried at the moment about the quake movement, because there's still long list of stuff that needs to be done, But I do know that if there's a will there's a way! :D And this video gives me confidence.

Nice that looks great!
hell yeah
try kickstarter mb
hell yeah
this could work I will throw some money at it too.
Unfortunately quite recently we found out that kickstarter does not support projects from Estonia, but it shouldn't be an issue.
The work you put in is highly appreciated. Unforunately im of no good help (coding etc). But definitely supporting you guys. would love to see ET2 LAN?;d
Super thankful for the feedback! :)
In my vision ET2 will break all previous ET LAN records, price money wise and spectator wise!
What about naming it after one of the most influential ET movies like Zaigon or Fragarea?
Zaigon associates more with the Vietnam war, but Fragarea would be on spot! ;)
Why not, maybe we can twist the Follow more into german? :D how is follow in german btw?
Sounds good, it also means "success" so either it means "follow stone" or "success stone" :D
Or our german friends have something to add or change :D
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