Group A 3on3 Set up, seeds and force start

A final journal with the information to answer some of your latest questions.

Group A 3on3 Set up
The teams who are participating in Group A of the 3on3 tournament will have the opportunity to set up their gear right after the showmatch of Thursday, the 16th of May. The showmatch starts at 21:00 CET and wil be a BO3. We would appreciate teams setting up in the evening, to avoid any delays at the start of the LAN.

Which team is the higher seed and should start attacking?
The team on the left hand side in the schedule is seeded higher and should start attacking. This rule holds throughout all rounds, except for the last round where the most close seeds face each other.

Schedule 3on3 Group A
Schedule 3on3 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group A
Schedule 6on6 Group B
Schedule 6on6 Group C

Force start
We will be strict with the schedule and force the games to start. Teams who do not show up in time at all will forfeit lose the first map. Pauses are allowed, but resets are not.

The first force start will find place on Friday 10:00 CET, the 17th of May.

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
seb the new dictator
The recognition I was hoping for :D
Should have 2 min prep time for the team that is not playing on my opinion

- Sherclock
Good tactic. Steal players gear so they can't beat you.
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