Hints and tips for the teams still in the tournament

Hello men,

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As a team of e-LAN veterans, us at #follow.et have decided to give some professional advice to those teams still in the LAN.

  1. Hydration: We at follow.et professional eSports cklub since 2008 believe that hydration is wery important. It is important to have a drink next to you before every game, and this drink must be replenished regularly to ensure a professional performance.
  2. Communication: We at follow.et take communication wery seriously. You must be able to communicate with your team mates at all times, and the enemy too. This allows you to stop guys like Poland Maxwell getting away with any shits.
  3. Make sure you have a defence: I am not afraid to admit that there were times yesterday, in certain moments, where it felt like we at follow.et didn't have a defence. However, you must ensure that you and your professional team DO have a defence, mentally, physically and on each stage in the map.

Shout-out to our biggest professional eSports cklub fan (since 2019) Netherlands lampje, who has always been there for us in the times when we felt least professional.

(jk he's a cunt!)