Eternity LAN, Thanks to all

Congrats&Thanks to everyone that attended and made this event possible, great to see Wolfenstein have a chance again and there were some great games in the 3on3 and 6on6 that I covered.

I will be uploading the ones I casted to my youtube channel over the next couple weeks however there are always games I don't manage to cast live that are still good, if you played in a game at LAN that was close that I did not cast pls message me :)

Thanks again,
lmao that first clip! :D
Clip francis sliding in the couch, fucking legend
Tu es la légende
no cfg
no mousepad
just skill (and a usb disco ball)
Thanks to you and all the other casters and people who made this event possible! Was a lot of fun.

Shoutout to all the bois I met , great people ❤️
Was nice meeting you gr0ss; you're one of the nicest guys I met this LAN :)
and i thought i was :( -- kidding around , at least u were for me thanks for the help c u next year
cu next year, met some pretty fucking awesome ppl :D
thanks to admins & casters <3
Thanks for streaming Merli! Awesome quality shoutcast as usual :) It has been a long weekend for all of us; good to see there are still so many people left with dedication and heart for this game. ET will never die and will always be a part of us. Over & out. Faber quisque fortunae suae

P.S. Thanks for your MVP-vote :)
Thanks merl for the casting you were great the LAN was awesome!
Thx for casting Merl!
Had a blast hosting the event once again!
Fucking amazing coverage lad. Well done to you and all the admins. Thank you to all that came along and said hello to me or parties hard with follow. Et
Merlinator, thank you very much for your coverage during the weekend. I hope you managed to enjoy it at the same time. It was an amazing time and we hope to have you at the center self the next time.

On a side note, is there anyone who is able to help out with the slowness of crossfire lately?
I'm not sure if the crossfire has been hosted elsewhere yet, I remember seeing some potential in that so that could be the issue. I think Ronner did put forward a hosting option but like I say, no idea.
search function broken though :(
Is it just me or is Crossfire actually a lot faster today?
lan spirit! but yes faster but not on phone
Thanks for casting! Also huge thanks for the admins and everyone involved!
thanks for investing the time into this, same for admins! was very special event
thanks merli !
thx merl - thx all who make this happen - hope to repeat it next year and the following too
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