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Hi, once again and we thank all the people for the support, the donors and for participating in the naming contest. Contact me regarding for help:

Here is the link to crossfire poll, where you can vote for the game name:

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keep up the good work
Thank you! :)
check ur mail btw ;)
yes, saw it, you can check back now :D
will you be able to strafe jump without the gun disappearing?
yes absolutely, the animations still need some work. Atm the animation is set the way when a character is running it's going to lower his weapon, but I'll fix this soon.
Firerate seems higher than original, are you going to keep it?
What do you mean as a lot of guns to balance? Are you not going to keep the original setup of heath/damage or want to add more guns since the start?
I'd personally would:
- increase base health to 200 points to make it easier to tweak other guns
- set standard SMG to 25/70 damage for body/headshot, or
- if the higher firerate is going to be a thing make it require at least 3 hs + 1 body to kill, for example: 24/66 body/hs and give a room for some alternative weapon like stg44 that will 3 hs kill with 25-27 dmg for body and 70-75 dmg for HS, balanced with lower firerate than SMG.

I believe i could handle initial balancing guns before tests such as base body/hs damage and firetate, unfortunatly i have no clue about coding stuff and things like damage compensation and spread scale will require a practical reference point for me.

I like how you can get inside of weapon textures, you can keep it and add to the official trailer with a slogan: "Be your gun..."
I would like to keep it as close as possible, atm the firerate is 10 rnd/s. Which is just the original one of mp40. But these tweaks are really simple to make. I've thought of Stg 44. But as first, I want to get as close as possible with the original stuff.
But mp40/thompson firerate in ET is 6 rnd/s not 10, or you mean to the original of the real gun?
yes in reality mp40 is somewhat 10 and tommy the notorious chicagos typewriter spits 20 per second :D I've shot it IRL.
Real fire rate is about 500-550 RPM, thats under 10 (8.3-9.2 shots per sec), but my point is if "getting as close as possible to the original" was refering to original ET weapon config or to guns in real life. Also most of them have some variance, for example rpm of thompson depending on the version been varying between 600 to 800 rpm.
Changing these numbers are matter of clicks. All in all, I want to keep the game as close to the original. But these small differences like 50 rounds more or less in a minute will probably most likely be undiscoverable for most users. At the moment I just want to get the mechanics going, tweaking them later on is easier and more reasonable.
Page with the voting poll went missing :(

saw the vid and i must say i do not like the hand of this guy who carries the weapon -- his fingers are fat the weapon small !!
and i think the doorframe at the last axis spawn is too tight :)
I added another option for voting and now it needs another approval from admin...
Made me giggle with the fingers n weapon stuff. This is just the basics, the wraping can be changed :)
Doorway too tight is possible, we'll see when we'll actually play the map.
In my opinion, at this stage, it'd be a "must" to go for the physics to make it as much alike ET as one can, since it's going to be the core of the game and the thing which most of the people expect. But yea, I'm looking forward to any update connected with this project (like with any other in the past - ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)).

Keep up the good work.
Thank you, the movement part requires to know a bit of C++ coding. Although I know that it's possible to make it with blueprints as well, but the guy is not answering to the requests. But it comforts that he said to make a tutorial on that :)
bro, movement is crucial.
you have to mock the exact movement et has
Wish I could offer myself with the coding stuff but I don't know anything about UE4 or whatever you're using for this :D
Do you have any specification about this project?
What do you mean in particular?
What?? A new ET... gotta say those videos excite me a lot eventho i don't touch ET for over 4 years.
I've not been following anything so this is a big surprise, i hope i'm not repeating anyone with these suggestions but:

. I hope it is still not the old crappy engine with broken hitboxes specially when proning, and in-built acceleration that we needed a fix to remove it.
. Rawinput should be an optional built in feature.
. Also looking to the video the weapon should shake more while shooting.
. A really reliable anti-cheat is crucial.
. Trickjumping should be limited.
. A default config that is actually playable for new players, like CSGO.
. More cvar limitations, such as an unique cg_fov for everyone, no drawgun 0 (like cs), no completely removed bloodsplatter, cg_wolfparticles shouldn't be allowed to be disabled, etc.
. A built-in selfkill key on control settings for new players to know it can be done to play with spawns.
. A kind of tutorial for new players to understand at least a little bit of the game, its hard to understand to newcomers, which is one of the reasons there was not so many new players.
. I believe there should not be possible to run faster (with the weapon hidden), it should be like it was before as also like CSGO.
. Also there should be optional Hitsounds setting to give the nostalgia to the old players at least :) knowing the new players won't probably like it.

If remotely possible, it would be awesome:
. A platform where people could buy/download with a registered single account like steam.
. A matchmaking system or similiar, and also Deathmatch/Warmup Options.
. A dev community to keep updating the game every once in a while when something is not right/unbalanced, and that actually listens to players suggestions.
. Also a skin market to the weapons could probably help you maintain you guys financially.

PS: could the original creators of the game sue you guys, demand potencial profit you make or something similar?
Eventho the name will be different, the gameplay will be too close to the original.
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