Tutorial - How to Backrape on LAN

Yo crossis, here is a tutorial how to propper backrape:

Step 1 : you have to accept that you are not as good as Belgium mAus and can't kill 3 people face to face

Step 2 : Hide in a corner, bush or smth where your opponent doesn't look directly

Step 3 : WAIT till your enemies past you ( all of them!!! )

Step 4 : Start shooting from the closest enemy onwards and medics BEFORE engi's

Step 5 : ENJOY your easy kills ( and the opponents flame )

Here is an example of using all steps from last LAN:

image: screen

Big THANKS to my personal ET-Coach France LeFrancis of Professional E-Sports CKLUB follow.et for teaching me all my skillz.
Thanks to Slovakia Kimi for making the clip
Over and Out :-)
profesionnal doggy style master
noted for next lan :D
smooth as fuck m8
This looks like a wery impressive tactical and I am super impressed with your tactical brains.
Joe aka niSmO CoC@#follow.et professional esports cklub since 2008 (top11world)
best match
Thought for a second u were describing jetro's playstyle
These guys rolled Eurocup and LANs when the 99% of the currently active CF readers couldn't even register to Clanbase. Players who laugh/ enjoy such clips were fanboying the belgians between 2004 - 2012 and have stored their fragmovies on seven different pendrives. I don't see what is the point of such clip, even if it is a reaction to the opponent's flaming.

The "tricky", "sneaky" , "bitch" kill is nice. EC players should not walk into such trap, even if they are out of shape and don't give a fck about the game since 2007 :D
we get it m8

you played ET 10+ years ago

that's cool
It has nothing to do with my comment.

Let it go baby and join me watching Jersey Shore, 6ix9ine, some fine products of a marvelous century
99% doesnt work today, id say 90%

i enjoyed the moment
big lolz how much imagination you put into this.
this is just a backrape clip from last lan which you can enjoy or not, the players involved are not relevant.
I am playing this game since 2005 and have been in an Eurocup Final twice and it has still nothing to do with this journal.
I meant to question the attitude of some commenters since I am sure they wouldn't type a word if you made the frags against unknowns. But the fact that you posted such forum topic (espcially Step #5) makes me feel the post is not so random, but a reaction to the Belgian flame. You say it is imagination. I don't think we need to argue and i am totally fine if you won't agree... Let it go

gj playing EC. I remember you from 2005'ish edition of AoW.
(And got some memories you were around with krest, silent, maybe I am wrong)
you would understand this journal better, if you have been to lan or atleast if you were involved with community on discord past few months :) <3
maybe they didnt hear him as the room was very loud?

dont be like this and come to next lan
I am aware of that I need to improve my English, but cmon I am not that shit. You didnt get my point :)
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