Message to the nerds of 'Momentum'

Dear computer friends,

A couple of days ago, - professional eSports cklub since 2008 got challenged by some randoms from Team Muppet???

A team of our caliber could ignore them but here, at, we take challenges very seriously.

image: game60655

Make sure you tune in and watch United KingdomMerlinatoR's stream.
image: merl1nator-profile_image-fcc1028458329f14-70x70

image: 190523

Confidently yours,

MarseilleLeFrancis - A confident ET coach & top 11 world.

A wery professionally made journal - should be a demolition tomorrow for Momentum. Aren't they just a shit Team Muppet?

Warmest regards,
United Kingdom Joe aka niSmO
Chief of Communications at Professional eSports Cklub since 2008 (top11world)
sick promotion
Thx m8. I hope you like the editing, I learnt everything from "cu in meNtal moments" fragmovie.
some more freecams and actual frag highlights and it would be sick!
Hahaha ✌️
fucking gold. Let them know
hahahahahahahahah francis taking it to another level xDDDD
Ok guys u just can start with a 2-0 score cuz of this promotion video
We wont need it. 6-0 incoming
6:0 in 9minutes
I see what you did there xD
Faces are going to get smashed, 11/10, would recommend.
You have € 40 on eu follow -
Possible win: € 102.4

counting on you guys
You have € 60 on eu follow -
You lost
I lost all my money on that one and my tryout for is over - worst day ever
60 € was all of my gbook money...

Thats why you rage quite ts? ;p
we lack of prolish players m8
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