6on6 cup ready

Lets have some fun and enjoy our Sunday together!!!

image: aFW27zh

Some information: games will be played Bo3
Maps: gold.sd.radar.frost.adler.bremen,missile,b4
Let me know if i wrote some name or flag on gtv wrong. I dont remember all the flag shortcuts anymore.

In any case you need gtv power for requesting a game, Aniky or Enigma might be around and accept the games if i am to buisy with shoutcasting.

Big thanks to LeFrancis for making the banner, Aniky and Enigma for helping out, Kimi might support us on stream during the break with short clips, msh for giving me almighty GTV power and ofc not to forget schnee for keeping up this comunity with gather!!! If i forgot somebody i promise i didnt do it on purpose, i just have a short memory time :_D. cheers


Interested Teams: Chuck Norris League
Team 1 Overload Cupra,L4mpje,saKen,SQuid/Pelliku,Oksii, Joshuo
Team 2 RANDOMiZED :razz, blauss, aie, uyop, dooppi, outlaw
Team 3 tmoe: abject, dialer, h2o, wut, silent and tomoyo
Team 4 yermans: stray and co

Interested Teams: Jean-Claude Van Damme League
Team 1 Think Calmly: hazz, jassi, late, rsp, seareal, shady
Team 2 Team d&i : eron, aNGER, base, ChilAx, kApot, xtrm
Team 3 Team eazy win: yciuj, quake, aniky
Team 4 Team dinozaurs: lock, meehow, buggs, roox, w1lko, skyline (backup: sNi)

Might the almighty Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme support you guys on the battlefield.
Well and legends bracket with follow.et inside
The 5k €/month offer is still available.
sounds good, need a team for the strong teams cup
me, schnee and francis were also planning to do one for this weekend, we could move that to the weekend after if you have solid plans tho
well i dont realy have solid plans for it. i just wanted people to have some fun. I didnt know that you guys are planing one already. Then i can stay back and chill.
Can help u with it if u want.
well you could get a team and have fun. I can run the cup. thx angry nerd :_D
ye sure why not!

need team tho :D
im game
need a team tho :D
got 1944 Battalion Cup on Sunday sorry :D
is that game good ?
yeah love it
Is that game back to alive?
apparently yes since they added it on faceit
I just installed it yesterday, you know other ET players that play it?
kresti swani adeto etc

saw quite a few more names on swani's stream but cant remember who it was exactly :D
well, we play it alot (germans) and i know razz got it also
avi as rifle if needed , gl hf everyone
avi as rifle
Avi! Can try to make a team.
Momentum and Follow.et in the same groupstage? #rank11
eng smg avi for top 1 team (can't play with top 0 #follow.et as it's going to be way too easy)
avi pm here or on discord
wo ist dein "hehe"
ach fuck richtig, h3h3 war ja immer sunny bzw. aggro, richtig?
add us as 3rd team: abject dialer h2o
You can add d&i to the noob league
bottom league np
d&i is full squad normally :)
Impressive tournament eujen and others, well done
ggs, check gamestv comments for some highlights :)
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