Quick ET2 Update

Hello guys :-)
just a quick ET2 Update for you :)

  • Fixed crosshair
  • Sounds
  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon
  • Grenades
  • Hitsounds

Name contest will be finished on 07.06.2019 (next Friday)

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CoD Clone ?
No, the previous "remakes" alwayd have tried to bring something new within the game. A little CS or COD or BF. We eant to make it as close as possible with the old one.
How about for the name we use
Return to Return to castle wolfenstein
+1 that'd be fun
When its done witch platform ur gonna use steam or something else?
We really hope to be able to give early access next year. Final release tba.
Platform wise haven't decided yet.
looks very good.... but until i dont play it, I cant belive its going to be the game ET players hoped for already too many times... (Quake Wars, Wolfenstein 2009, Dirty Bomb...)
very curious what the endresult will be, if actually finished.
Keep up the good work bruh ;)
I don't judge because thats what I felt to every other ET project as well. But we'll keep on working and deliverying :)
It looks really good ! Good job for that mate !

But the game seems to be really "heavy" and the shooting sounds appears to be quite "loud" for me

Its just my opinion, maybe am I not the only one having this feeling ^^ maybe am I

Anyway regardless these 2 things the game looks great and i wanna test it :)
Good Job
You get betakey when you map te_valhalla.pk3 for them
Sorry mate but im not sure to understand your message ^^
The game definitely is going to be a little more demanding than the old one. That's just a part of the development of video games.
Good news on the sounds and everything else is that they are not final.
Uhm, this is awesome! What engine will it use? Is it going to feel anything like quake 3 engine?
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