update about the cup

Edit2: the cup is happening for the med teams if msh can get 6th for his team .

Lets have some fun and enjoy another great Sunday together!!!

Interested Teams: Jean-Claude Van Damme League(med)
Team 1 Team Kijken je tank:aie kapot menace mayan krepox mahla
Team 2 Think Calmly: hazz, jassi, latee, rsp, seareal, shady
Team 3 Team unknown : msh enigma ipod kimi and doopi
Team 4 Divide ET impera :eron, chilax, anger, jerre, base & xtrm

Some information: all games Bo3
Maps: gold.sd.radar.frost.adler.bremen,missile,b4
Time starting: 20 oclock cest( same as last cup)

Please messege me with your teamname, probably players and which skill group you would like to play.

Might the almighty Stefan Cel Mare support you guys on the battlefield.
Time starting?
same as last cup 20 oclock
need sum Bud Spencer
is Kapot playing in every team? :o
Gl mayan and Aie
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