Things to do at Berlin?

Hello everyone, I'm coming to Berlin tonight and I was hoping you guys had some great ideas what to do there besides slaughtering Yermanz. Döner? Clubs? Activities? 1v1 irl vs butchji?
Watching porn and playing ET at the same time like u used to do
i didnt really get this
with viagra u can
Ask Schnee she certainly knows better.
Otherwise go Fernsehturm up to teh top so you can enjoy the view.
Go to see League of legends EU LCS
Have a walk around Brandenburger Tor / Reichstag / Checkpoint Charlie etc etc
Alexanderplatz is pretty nice place to enjoy some german bears.
At night go cklubbing,
i was gonna say gaming cafe and ++
but urs sounds fine aswell
Would be ok for me... by the time I get picked I would already be drunk image: 1
QuoteGo to see League of legends EU LCS

QuoteAlexanderplatz is pretty nice place to enjoy some german bears.

Or to get molested by refugees.
QuoteOtherwise go Fernsehturm up to teh top so you can enjoy the view.

See all of the shithole from one vantagepoint.
QuoteAt night go cklubbing

Francis partying hard at Tresor.
You can do one man kill on butchji but in real life
Go to wordcamp Europe
Actually that's the reason I'm going Berlin.
nerd. are you speaking or attending?

I've been to two of the last WC Europe, not attending this one though. wondering why you go:D
Just attending, I do websites for living haha.
go to KitKat cklub in berlin only one cklub where all dance naked to edm
Curry 36
Gonna try tonight the legendary currywurst. Already tried out Imren Grill, jesus it was good.
Get invitation to Boiler
Pay your taxes to Ekto.
Dance to some Schnee tunes.
Get your rectum searched by Stray.
I like the first one!
Kottbusser Tor
ask for obst-taxi
Close crossffire and go out
Best reaction so far
clubbing is Schnee's business , but so far do the usually stuff. Go to Berliner Dom - Walk at "Unter den Linden" visit Alexanderplatz . Also if u wanna some History about East Germany you should try to visit the Stasi Prison in "Lichtenberg / Hohenschönhausen " if u like Football u can groundhopping at Sunday at "Sportforum" where my fave club play a friendly.

So far Berlin has many places to see - but the standart should be seen first if ur first time in Berlin... You got nice weather when u wanna see hipster lifestyle u should go for a walk "Treptower Park"

Have a nice day in Berlin dude. And dont buy drugs at Warschauer Straße ;) * its the Bars area of berlin *
späti tour. the only real thing. go from späti to späti (small shops with all kind of alcohol), grab a beer empty it till next shop. the rest will just happen
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