EuroCup, OpenCup, NationsCup..?

Hello guys!

Im planning to do a site like the old Clanbase for ET only!
to fulfill that you can help me by filling in the survey ->
please, host NC so zpr can beat Canada again
avi for ec
Good idea, but there is already

It is a ClanBase copy, the MoH community uses it for ladder play. I feel like it would be better just to get in contact with them and get ET implemented there. They still do not have a tournament system up tho, only ladders.
We need the ET PARALYMPICS at this point ...
think we got' em already :P
join Discord and play a gather there, then u got your olympics
1000 more players please
How is this sort of activity @ ancient Crossfire still possible lol. Any estimated player base count?
over 1k on schnee discord, over 1k on fa discord, over 1k on legacy discord + xyz players on some other communities.
over 33k Fans on W:ET Facebook page.
my survey has yet 230 answers (only from crossfire users).
I think there is a way to activate the potential reach of players with some cool stuff :)
Over 1k is kind of a skewed image since a high percentage of those players are probably duplicates, no?
yes but they must be verified with both accounts, otherwhise they get kicked out after a while. You have to use different i-net browser or device to duplicate
I'm sorry to tell you, but it's...dead
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