Discord is spyware

I just saw a discussion on the Archlinux sub of reddit about discord. It was mentioned that discord is a heavy spyware tool and this link was provided:

Thought I would post this here since crossfire seems to have a big discord channel?

Why not switching to smth else like good old IRC or maybe Telegram?
Telegram group: https://t.me/CrossfireET
w0wy software collecting and selling data in 2019 surprise surprise, stop pretending you can have privacy when using anything remotely social on the internet D:
Even tho I have a similar standpoint regarding the topic, keep in mind it is a very simple one that does not take into account the bigger picture.
What bigger picture are you refering to?
get over it fam, its great
IRC is dead
dat realisation that spyware is now just all company software
Hmm I believe there are good alternatives for almost everything.
I also think that there are differences between a heavily spying software that even sometimes cripples your systems performance or a home calling function that is integrated e.g. for improving compatibility.
You could even go with smth like "parabola linux".. a fork of Archlinux.

I would just sandbox discord and not let it access any of my private data but it seems like even that isnt much of a help :o
except that nobody uses alternatives, especially when it comes to communication software like discord, because nobody else uses it, so there is nobody to communicate with
Reminds me of the first days when I used Telegram... everybody on whatsapp and on one on Telegram.
Now it's nearly the other way around (for me and my friends/family at least).
I know literally nobody who uses Telegram, I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned it
Do yourself a favour and don't download your google data dump. I did that and found pictures I deleted ages ago and a location file of mysellf going back ten years. Still using google cloud services though, can't live without them.
Ye I also use google services.. it is too comfortable to opt out :P
How to download the google dump though, and is there no way to manually delete stuff afterwards?
Correct, I also downloaded your Google data dump and, quite frankly, I was appalled.
you can call me on my huawei
Ching chang dong dő :(
That's some crappy espionage when they declare what they collect in their TOS. "Spyware" is such a loose term these days that you could fit a text editor under it if you tried.

More seriously though, Discord is a small fish when it comes to companies profiting from their users' data. Changing from one messaging app to another won't make a big difference when you're still using devices and operating systems made by the Big Four.
everyone who is active at the internet, should be aware of his own data. imo its so much more than discord, what is bad for u
and imo we needed a good platform to get the people together. will be hard to move over 1k people to telegram :D
like everyone is on social media, so who cares about discord lol
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