"Why the sound of a gun had to be nerfed..."

"...in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory."


The video is a few days old, but I just noticed it today while browsing YouTube.

Chris Bratt of People Make Games reached out to Splash Damage and some ET "beta testers" to talk about the very early days of Enemy Territory, when many people were convinced that the Thompson was stronger than the MP40 - despite both weapons having the exact same stats.

Protip: You can stop watching around 8:15, unless you want to watch an advertisement and some cringy skit.

Thoughts? Did you guys think one SMG was better than the other back in the day?
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I let a thumbs up and commented. I didn't forget to hit the subscribe button.
nice find
in the beninging i really thought they were different :D
yeah thompson felt better XD
Really? I know in ET there is no difference between speed and damage of the thompson and mp40, as opposed to RTCW, but until this day I have always preferred the mp40. I always try to get an mp40 when Im playing allies. Just like the sound and feel better for some reason.
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But I completely understand where you're coming from and just want to thank you for keeping this game alive for as long you did for us. As I look back at my old comment history, it makes me truly see how much of a child I was and how I changed as the years passed. At one point, you replied to one of my idiotic comments roasting me and I was so happy cause the real TosspoT had actually replied to my comment. On a serious note, I'm sure if it's costing you only 50 euros a month, we can easily get donations to reach that every month. Thank you for everything you did. Much love and hope all is good in your rl."

several months later :(
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In rtcw the mp40 was better because 32 bullets and less spread. Think the damage of thompson was a bit higher to try and compensate.
mp40 for long range + aim at head while thompson short range and body aim :D

but for some reason i always prefer to play mp40 as allies and thompson as axis
Maybe because when playing offence you are usually allies? Playing with mp40 on attack seems easier than thompson imo
Thompson better close range, mp40 better long range. Thoughts?
this + mp40 always seemed to fire "faster" if both did aim/hit for triple hs close range kill
wow never thought of it like this
I've always preferred the MP40 weapon over the Thompsen. It felt like it shot faster, because of the sound
MP40 feels better when playing Allies, Thompson as Axis. Some messed up mental thing.
I approve this.
MP40 feels better, regardless of playing axis or allies, imho.
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It's always best to have the enemy teams gun. For a split second the enemy will think they're being teambleeded when you shoot at them, giving you the advantage.
Noo. But colt > luger. Just felt more firm.
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