Need Moviemaking pack(?)

Hey guys,

so I remember that in the past I've tried a few clips from Jalo & myself for fragmovie, but I can't of dont remember whether it was the UV MovieMod or some other movie pack, I've got cfg that's pretty awesome from requem, but need the rest and from what I've tried, I can't really find the right fit (what I had saved on my old HDD) - in terms of quality (atleast 50fps - 1080p) and everything...

If anyone has anything that was used (preferably with the custom "uid" to move out pop-ups and just have crosshair aswell) <3
cant remember if it has the hd textures pack(pak0.pk3) by agon included

demotools to remove popups and stuff (not sure if this is the one tho just scrolled thru the index)
but I can't of dont remember
yesterday i bet maus becouse i dont think
full movie maker pack here (no goatse).
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