some more nostalgia #18

HELP! Footage needed:

I'm starting to get low on demos from shoutcasts from the EU scene (besides the +/-100 australian shoutcasts i still have)

Here is a google spreadsheet of my work so far and what i got left:

If you have demos i don't have for these shoutcasts, please share!

I'm particularly interested in 2 sources i don't have yet:
  • QuadV shoutcasts from late 2007 - ???, such as drago panzerfaust game etc. I only have RadioITG casts from tosspot.
  • RadioITG, on QuakeCon 2006. All demos are available, but no casts :(

So if you got material i don't, please share, and i will record and upload them!

New casts

All Oldschool competitive history games i have uploaded:


You're a goddamn scholar and apostle of ET history.

Have you considered making a wiki with all the info? - similar to liquipedia for dota
i did apply once to make one for RTCW but it never got through i believe
Parent maybe an RTCW/ET one could be requested here

i would definitely add some info on what i know :)
awesome dude, could create some different playlists while you wait for more content? but yeah looking forward to more Aussie games if you don't find any more EU content :D
homie will one day get around to his 'real' grand project which will be short interview podcast style videos interviewing the legends, interesting characters, people behind the scenes and all sorts showing how they got into the game, early years, how it changed them. Biggz will for sure be the australian guest. I can feel it coming, even if he homie doesnt know it yet.
Honestly, i was thinking of doing this for the rtcw history movie once i get all parts. Ill probably start working on the eurocup one soon after taking some break since december last year. Need to get some inspiration of how ill bring it and with which music. Scanned most frags for it already

edit: I think i've found some inspiration with this song :)

edit2: send me your facebook or whatsapp details via pm, i've got something i want you to hear :D
nice! can't wait <3
thx man! if you still have edit vs pmg (drago pf game), feel free to upload aswell :D
Np, I don't sadly, this is all I've got :D
You'd think that one of the many moviemakers should have that cast. But I assume you have asked them all.
yeah asked max, but he didnt have it anymore :(
Great work homie!
ok actually I would like to get a copy of all of your Australian ET demos/shoutcasts please!

not all of them are on it anymore, i deleted those which i already uploaded on youtube :) i still got the archive link of gamestah if you want, i've downloaded them there and the download links still worked!

side note, i would enjoy ur uploads even without shoutcasts
Yeah i did that for rtcw but i dont have the stamina to do it for ET. I got 380 shoutcasted games in total. Almost there half way :-)
I can't stress how amazing it is the work that you do Homiee.
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