All, as always I hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy.

With the upcoming European environment around CORVID-19, which is definitely not a Polish wallhack (Nexus Gold FTW), would this be a good time to look at setting up a cup?

I'm not with access to a working PC myself yet, but will likely visit home for some time in the coming weeks. I think it would be a nice idea to try and make the use the time at home to get nostalgic and play some video games together for old times sake rather than binging Netflix.

Show support here and share ideas here, and Ronner for god's sake man sort the SSL certificate.

Zero physical contact,
14 day quarentine cup, im in.
get tosspot to cast!
better not
maybe is for pussys, just YES or NO.
There is a week over now and no cup, so NO!
I'm game as long as none of you cough on me.
i have to work :'(
logged in to say

nice life <3
missed it ?
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