How about some NationsCup?

hey guys, after several inquiries we decided to host a nationscup soon. However, for that we’ll need your support first to make this happen. We created a survey to see how many potential nations we’ll have. Just fill out this 10 second survey:

So far we got already these nations (added only with 3/+ players):
-swanidius +mayan in
Team France France captain aka FranceDidier Deschamps of the internet, I am ready to bring golden medal

My potential team:

France quAke (LANproofed)
France uYop (nolifer)
France mxture (best dualist world has to offer)
France Aniki (pub gamer)
France KareN (oldschool egyptian)
France kARNAJ (legendary dickinass player)

France/Marseille LeFrancis Deschamps (CEO of - Top 11 World Finalist and Team France Captain)
Yeah, make it in Legacy and I'm in.
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