3on3&6on6 ODC Completed!

What a blast did we have and i i can truely say i am surprised by the amount of teams we have had in both formats, which shows just how much activity there is currently in ETPro, with 18 3on3 and 6on6 teams respectively signed up and with a lot of good games to be speced.

I would like to thank to all the teams participating in this cup, even tho certain games didn't go out the way i had it planned, but i hope that for the rest viewers and players enjoyed it to the fullest! We had ipod streaming and shoutcasting Grand finals of 3on3 and 6on6 as well as various of other ET players streaming from their own POV, u can find all their replays over at https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Wolfenstein%3A%20Enemy%20Territory.

As mentioned above, we had 18 3on3 and 6on6 teams split between Division 1 and Division 2, where they battled it out for the golden pocals and the winners are:

3on3 ODC

Division 1:
30stm (Damon, GiZmOoO, uYop)
tMoe (Abject, h2o, WuT)

Division 2:
#tabloid-junkies (jasiek, ska, testi)
Running With Cissors (roltz, tw1n, halidith)
Momentum (seeD, Bystry, Jimi)

Division 2 Grand finals

image: game60827

6on6 ODC

Division 1:
Elysium (GiZmOoO, hayaa, iNsAne, Jere, Sebhes, outlAw)
mongols ( mayan, uYop, Abject/BloOdje, s1LENT, Aquila, BOBiKA)
tMoe (Abject, dialer, h2o, frag'stealer, toNy, WuT)

Division 1 Grand finals

image: game60830

Division 2:
turbot (Swanidius, Vokki, Walle, Mikza, lettu, Olden, Clouver)
Ban IMO (Mesh, Enigma, Quake, snjh, ScarZy, skyline)
Team Germany (psiquh, mKs, t1mmae, Ava, Specula, zeif0)

In Division 2, turbot and Ban IMO have yet to play second match, as turbot came from LB and had to win twice, they won first match but due to late time we posponsed second game to Monday. You can watch the game on gamestv.

Match 1 of Division 2 Grand finals:

image: game60832

Match 2 of Division 2 Grand finals:

image: game60833

All in all i hope that everyone enjoyed their share of games in either 3on3 or 6on6 cup and that we will see more activity coming up in ET!

Main news and all the teams signed up can be seen here.

good job aniky
saving ET fo real
GOOD JOB admin ;)
Seemed fun
Great tournament and good decision to have 2 divisions!
Had a great time after so many years feeling that nostalgia again
It was fun thnx!
better admin than Sebhes tbh, keep up the good work
Thanks for the games Aniky! Good job
Thanks a lot. For us it was the first time playing in a full line up since the last LAN and I can truly state that it was a blessing. It was nice to see that the active players reached the grand final and gave us a good run for our money. It was a though grand final, but very proud with the outcome!
aniky gj bro !
this was nice to watch too.. Good job :)
good job,

and gratz again for tabloid junkies
It was really nice to play this ! Ty Aniky good job and ipod (+ the guy with you :D) for shoutcasting :)
Thanks for the cup, well done everyone. It was nice to see some familiar nicknames again, people improved a lot
gg ska winner winner chicken dinner
Thank you, was fun. Literally was second time I opened ET in 10+ years for this tourney : D. Nostalgic feeling
cu next year mikza!
sorry if i butchered your name in the cast
Well done Aniky!
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