Team France Official Application

Dear Crossfire users,

Since the NationsCup has been announced I wanted to submit my application as soon as possible cause I strongly believe that I am the best Francecandidate to fill this position. I hope the NC committee will appreciate the effort and professionalism I put into this application and will not reject it due to the growing pressure from other teams.
Please find below,

My e-curriculum vitae:
image: e-CV

My motivation letter:

image: MotLetter

image: 200505

MarseilleLeFrancis - Coach and CEO at - Applicant for Team France Captainship

Bon chance captain LeFrancis!
Thanks a lot mate, I appreciate your support!
"Profesionnaly" -> Typo! application thrown in the bin
I dont know what you are talking about
Looks like a 10/10 application, GL at NC
Yea, good example! Good boy!
I will put that on the wall of fame as the best application from all nations!
Thank you I hope the committee will select my application.

ps:Whats your paypal account?
For selected personnel only
en quoi tu as été contributeur sur et-fr ? j'ai pas souvenir de toi
Serais-tu en train de douter de la véracité des faits inscrits dans mon e-CV???
7/5 would bang

otherwise I'm enjoying your journals everytime xD!
Thanks for your support throughout these years
Show french ID
je nike ta mere -,-
No need for ID, it's enough as a proof
The only real choice, best baguette ever
<3 (no homosex)
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