image: team-UK-ET

Presenting the 2020 Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory Team UK Lineup


United Kingdom jkzZ (c) - One of the best ET in-game leaders, when it meant something
United Kingdom med1xza - Hirntot's public server highest fragger on the weekends
United Kingdom crumbs - Crumbling everyone in the rtcw scene, some say he played wolfenstein before the release date
United Kingdom DabSter - Dual national: half British, currently living in London (our post Brexit-prize)
United Kingdom Stkz - The grumpy old man, he'll play like pro if it threatens his 3v3 ETGather score
United Kingdom Garin - The laptop rifler
United Kingdom niSmO - Twicher geek, happy to be here


United Kingdom Scarzy - crossfire's community favourite
United Kingdom razZ - no headset
United Kingdom Mirasenn - no.1 cheerleader

Special thanks to Aniky and all the organisers/admins/shoutcasters for making this happen.

GL to all other Nations, looking forward to having fun with some old-schoolers.
Well obviously I'm delighted to be picked to be representing my nation on the world's biggest stage. Will we be top11? Will this be my crowning achievement in the eSports world? Will United Kingdom jkzz ever write my name correctly? All big questions waiting to be answered. Cu on

E: Also very glad that I'm represented by big Sol on the picture - biggest buffalo going #biggest #buffalo
Thanks for picking Sol for me in the pic m8, big buffalo material
Good Luck team UK and jkzz.. You always are welcome at BR ODCs.
nice backstab dab :P
Dunno what you mean m8, he was always British...

[flag=switzerland] dabster? :O
Excited to see how the UK will perform!! Good luck
sqzz looks abit like jinosta on this teampic

gl guys :D
Have fun!
Heyho United Kingdom med1xza, did you already create a player model in one of your games that look like Russia pulZa? ;-D

Good luck guys :-)
gl lads
Gl United KingdomJam,ScarZy,nismoo <3
Imagine choosing tallest person to represent razz
med1xza - Hirntot's public server highest fragger on the weekends

gl klootzak :)
good choice to put sqzz and razz to backup and not main lu
well have they been praccing on HBC the last 5 years?
Woah woah woah... DABSTER??

This should be entertaining
GL Nismo!
Except for niSmO I see a bunch of low+ max.
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