My breakfast flabbergasts crossfire

Good morning!

I've just finished cooking my breakfast easy and tasty

- sausage
- eggs
- cheese
- salt
- some love

image: 1fEzuk8

I thought I would share it with you öhöh :):)
Needs something fresh and sour cream on it, then decent. :))
Needs some BCAAs, Vitamin and Omega 3 pills on it, then decent. :))
EAA's > BCAA's
bcaa at breakfast? uhm mate....
hes a bodybuilder man stfu :@:@:@ bodybuilders know everything about the human body!! OK??
i am as well, and i know he is throwing money away (:
i know bro i was joking : )
Needs some crack cocaine on it, then decent. :))
Needs some looted flat screen from target on it, then decent. :))
öhöh only gym guys here or what?
NeW aleXL
Greeting again my friend. Thank you so much for this invite to join this website and brings back so many memories. I remember we used to play on a server called taw and hess together in the 5th brigade. While you like the be the bazooka man I prefer to give ammo to supply all team mates on the battle field.

Greets from 5th-FRICKALS
5th brigade forever mate! I remember some random guy was calling you freek instead of Frick and we were laughing so hard öhöh We should make a team together I am sure we will find other people matching our skill level. I would prefer noquarter but I dont mind trying some etpro öhöh
Freakles öhöhöhöh. I have to say this brings back all the thoughts of back then. I think I will give a try to etpro because I miss No Quarter and I also even miss the Jaymod Cortex no limit server with the in door airstrike öhö.
OMG Jaymod Cortex was wild! On friday night I will be doing karaoke with some friends but I hope we can play during the weekend. I should have some spare bullets left in my mp40 at home öhöhöh
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